Things to do in Oaxaca

In this guide, you'll find all the information you need to plan a vacation trip to this amazing region.

Why travel Oaxaca?

This region is known for its stunning colors, unique cuisine flavors, and historical sites. It is not a coincidence that Oaxaca has been one of the favorite destinations for tourists in recent years. In this guide, you'll find all the information you need to plan a vacation trip to this amazing region.

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29 things to do
and see
in Oaxaca City

Traveling to Oaxaca on vacation is an excellent choice because you can enjoy many activities that will make you want to return to this beautiful city every year.

18 Places to visit in Oaxaca
outside the city

There are many magical places to visit in Oaxaca outside Oaxaca City. Here is a list of must-see locations and new experiences to enjoy on your vacation to Oaxaca.

How to get to Oaxaca

  • Flights to Oaxaca
  • Take a bus
  • Drive yourself

The easiest way to get to Oaxaca is by plane. Fortunately, Oaxaca International Airport handles both international and national flights, including direct flights from the USA and other Mexican states. If you want to book a flight, we recommend organizing your schedule in advance.

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You can also get to Oaxaca by taking a bus from Mexico City, Puerto Escondido, or San Cristóbal de las casas. In this case, you can travel in buses from a Company called “Autobuses de Oriente” (also known as ADO buses) which are the most reliable and safe of the region.

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This option is not highly recommended because once you get to Oaxaca, it won't be necessary to have a car to explore the corners of this wonderful city. But if you are convinced of renting a car to get here, we recommend you to avoid the highway at night because it is not safe.

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Explore the benefits of visiting Mexico all year round
Mexico in -

Begin your year by exploring Oaxaca's rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, enjoying the pleasant weather that's perfect for outdoor activities.

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Join the vibrant celebrations of the Diablo Carnival from February 8th to 13th, where the streets come alive with colorful parades and lively music.

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Participate in the local tradition of Día de la Samaritana on March 17th, offering a chance to experience Oaxacan hospitality, followed by the solemn and reflective Holy Week from March 24th to 30th.

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As the weather warms up, don't miss The Cocineras de Oaxaca on April 23rd, a celebration of the region's culinary arts, where traditional local cooks showcase their skills.

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Before the onset of the rainy season, enjoy the last of the sunny days. This is an ideal time for peaceful exploration of the area's natural and historical sites.

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The beginning of the rainy season brings cooler evenings and lush landscapes, perfect for those who enjoy nature in its most vibrant state.

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Experience the cultural richness of Oaxaca with the Guelaguetza festival on July 16th, a showcase of indigenous culture and traditions, and a mezcal tour in July 14th to celebrate La Feria de la nieve y mezcal.

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Although the main events of July have passed, the cultural and festive atmosphere continues with smaller events and exhibitions, offering a more intimate experience of Oaxacan culture.

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As the rainy season tapers off, take advantage of the fewer crowds and the green, refreshed landscapes for a serene and personal exploration of the region.

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Enjoy the cooler weather and the build-up to one of Oaxaca's most significant and beautiful celebrations, Día de los Muertos, at the end of the month and into early November.

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Be part of the deeply cultural and visually stunning Día de los Muertos on November 1st and 2nd, a must-experience event that beautifully blends celebration, remembrance, and art.

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Immerse yourself in Oaxaca's holiday spirit with the Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12th, the unique Noche de los Rábanos on December 23rd, and festive Christmas celebrations towards the month's end.

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What's the best time to visit Oaxaca

There is no wrong time to visit Oaxaca. The weather is relatively consistent throughout the year, with warm days and cool nights. However, the best time to visit, with sunny weather and little to no rain, is from February to March and from October to November. Besides the weather, festivals are also widespread, such as the Day of the Dead and the Guelaguetza Festival.

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Our local guides take on the best time a year to visit Mexico

Safety information when visiting Oaxaca

Before going on vacation to Mexico, most of the tourists ask the same question:  Is it safe to travel to Mexico? The answer is yes, you can visit most of the states without a problem, and Oaxaca is no exception. This region thrives on tourism, so the locals will want you to have the best experience possible. But like any other place, there are some precautions you should take.

01. Do Not Leave Your Things Unattended Anywhere
02. Keep Your Purse or Bags in Front of You
03. Do Not Flash Money, Jewelry, or Electronic Gadgets in Crowded Places
04. Move around the city safely
05. keep your belongings secure

Authentic experiences in Oaxaca

Embark on a journey of authenticity in Mexico! Enjoy vibrant traditions, savor diverse flavors, and explore rich cultural tapestries. From lively markets to ancient ruins, every corner offers a unique experience. Discover the heart and soul of Mexico – where every moment is a genuine adventure waiting to unfold. Bienvenidos!

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Oaxaca Itineraries

Here, we will show a list of itineraries in Oaxaca created by Rutopía travel agents:

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Where to Stay in Oaxaca

Depending on the number of days you want to spend in Oaxaca, our travel experts will recommend the best places to stay. Let us be your DMC in Mexico!

Staying in Oaxaca City, which is at the heart of the state of Oaxaca, is the general rule. From there, you can drive to various traveler sites and plan a day tour or a full-day experience in the surrounding wonders.

FAQs & Things to know about Oaxaca

This region is known for its stunning colors, unique cuisine flavors, and historical sites. It is not a coincidence that Oaxaca has been one of the favorite destinations for tourists in recent years.

01. How Do You Pronounce Oaxaca?
02. What Should I Pack for Oaxaca?
03. How Many Days Should I Stay in Oaxaca?
04. What is Oaxaca Known for?
05. Are There Activities to Do With kids in Oaxaca?

Meet our travel expert guides and agents

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Leslie Pérez
Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas expert, caters for all types of travellers

She takes great pride in her Mexican heritage and possesses an unbridled passion for travel. With the privilege of having visited 25 different countries, her recent four-year focus has been on uncovering and revealing the concealed gems within her beloved Mexico. Her personal interests are deeply rooted in learning about the ancient history and culture of her homeland, serving as a way to connect with her heritage. Her ideal travel experiences encompass a harmonious blend of outdoor adventures, be it in the mountains or by the beach, coupled with the exploration of cities and towns rich in cultural treasures.

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Diego Olivares
Expert in the Yucatan Peninsula and tours for groups of friends

Proudly Mexican and having immersed himself in the heart of Mexico's diverse regions, he curates experiences that allow you to venture off the tourist trail and discover the authentic essence of the country. From exploring ancient ruins tucked away in remote jungles to savoring the rich tapestry of Mexican cuisine in local markets, his alternative routes promise a deeper, more meaningful connection to Mexico's beauty and heritage.

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René Rodarte (Garuda)
Expert in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Yucatan Peninsula and family tours

Mexican who holds a deep love for travel, values environmental awareness, and seeks to glean knowledge from diverse global cultures. He firmly endorses travel as a means of fostering positive personal growth and development. Recognizing that his homeland ranks among the world's top tourist destinations, he’s dedicated to ensuring that every visitor enjoys the most exceptional experience possible.

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Leo Mallet
Specialist in the Yucatan Peninsula, Morelia and Chiapas, expert in group trips

French-born living in Mexico who enjoys sharing his passion for this wonderful country with you through its various aspects: its archaeological temples, numerous museums, nature outings by the sea or in the jungle, the diversity of its cuisine, and the richness of the local communities with whom we are fortunate to work.

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Pauline Nourtier
Expert in the Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas, luxury ecotourism and group trips

French-born living in Mexico, she’ll help you embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure, uncovering the treasures of Mexico that often go unnoticed by conventional travelers. Get ready to embrace the magic of Mexico in a whole new light, with a passionate travel specialist who knows how to make your journey truly unforgettable.

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Andrea Gramai
Riviera Maya expert, couples and family tours

Residing in Cancun, he has had the privilege of embarking on comprehensive tours of the Yucatan Peninsula, as well as exploring portions of Chiapas and Mexico City. With over fifteen years of global travel and work experience, his heart was captured by Mexico a few years ago. As a seasoned travel consultant, he excels in crafting custom itineraries for some of the world's most exclusive destinations, with a particular expertise in this fantastic country. Andrea is here to provide his expertise and support for travelers' needs.

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Lisa Brissac
Specialist in Central Mexico, Oaxaca Coast and Chiapas, ideal for young or older couples, honeymoons and ecotourism

A French-born but Mexican at heart, and she will be your local specialist for your trip. "Mucho gusto!" as they say here! Since living in Mexico, she has had the opportunity to explore magical villages, local customs, sandy beaches, and has fallen in love with its aromas and colors. What a joy to know that you have chosen to discover the diverse ancestral culture of this multifaceted country!

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Lauren Nadot
Central and South East Mexico expert. Luxury and group trips

French-born living in Mexico, with 12 years of experience in tourism, specializing in crafting off-the-beaten-path adventures in Mexico. With a deep passion for exploration and a profound love for the country. She takes travelers on a journey beyond the typical tourist hotspots. Her unique itineraries unveil the hidden gems of Mexico, showcasing its lesser-known archaeological wonders, secluded natural wonders, and vibrant local cultures.

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Daniela Herrera
Attends English and Italian-speaking travelers

Daniela has always felt a great fascination for exploring the world since she was a young. She has a strong passion for traveling, and for the past few years, she has been living in Mérida, a city that has allowed her to explore the wonderful Yucatan Peninsula with its natural and cultural marvels. As a travel specialist, Daniela is dedicated to meticulously planning completely personalized travel itineraries, enabling travelers to discover Mexico in an authentic way, ensuring unforgettable experiences.

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Karen Quintero
Central Mexico and Oaxaca Coast specialist, focusing on couples

A proud Mexican hailing from the small city of Tlaxcala. Over the past four years, she has been dedicated to exploring the diverse landscapes of Mexico and has developed a profound appreciation for the authentic Mexico she has come to adore. It's a Mexico brimming with culture, natural wonders, and warm-hearted people. What sets her apart is her commitment to traveling with a positive impact and forging meaningful connections. Karen is eager to share her wealth of experiences and knowledge to assist you in crafting an authentic journey through Mexico that reflects her passion and values.

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Leslie Mercier
Leslie P
Attends French-speaking travelers

A French-born and an adoptive Mexican. She’ll be glad to introduce you to this fabulous country, Mexico, its beaches, its must-visit archaeological sites, its cuisine, and the various local communities with which she collaborates. Living in Playa del Carmen, she has had the opportunity to travel all around the Yucatan Peninsula and also to visit parts of Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Mexico City. She enjoys engaging with locals, getting lost in villages, and discovering the best restaurants!

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