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Pros of longer vacations: a well-deserved break

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Without a doubt, we all enjoy the feeling of longer days, temperature rising, and vacations coming closer, which is a great reason to plan vacations that last longer than a week. 

At Rutopía, we are compromised with planning and organizing all our trips so that travelers can live extraordinary and unforgettable experiences in magical destinations surrounded by natural and cultural wonders. We want travelers to enjoy every moment during their trip without haste and setbacks. 

cascadas en cuetzalan puebla

Exploring the surroundings

No matter the final destination, there are different routes and new spots to discover and fully appreciate the surroundings of our touristic destinations. Rutopía connects us with the locals of these places, so they can be our guides to explore each one of the sites that Mexico has to offer. To avoid being in a stressful or pressured situation, we must have enough time to enjoy each place. 


Gastronomic Discovery 

A benefit of planning vacations that last more than a week with Rutopía is the opportunity to explore different places through their gastronomic delights. Each dish allows us to taste each region’s unique and unmatched flavors. We also have the chance to meet who cooks all our meals – to have a marvelous and unforgettable experience.


Getting closer to a culture 

On vacations longer than a week, we can get to know the culture of the place we are exploring, as well as their costumes and traditions, alongside the locals. This creates a bonding experience with Mexican indigenous cultures. 


A longer-lasting trip brings peace.

Time is crucial to achieving relaxation in our physical and mental beings. In addition, it makes us connect deeper with our environments, such as sounds, views, and flavors. 

Slowing down our lifestyle pace is very important to reduce accumulated stress from our daily lives. Once fully relaxed, we appreciate the natural surroundings and have a well-deserved break. 

CHIS Lacandone ELM Explore Le Monde Banco Fotos Totonal 2

It cheers us up!

Having the chance to travel changes our daily routine, whether on our own or with someone else, it helps us diminish anxiety produced by having a very structured schedule. It clears our minds and cheers us up as it makes us feel at peace.  

As well, getting to know new people makes it even better! We can learn so much from other travelers living in a different reality than ourselves. It opens new perspectives and takes us out of our comfort zone. 

Rutopia Chiapas Tizmol Lugar Cascadas 4. Tzimol

At Rutopía, we recommend vacations that last longer than a week as a minimum so that you can disconnect completely. Understanding and discovering a place through a local may take weeks, months, or even years. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a great immersion experience and get a broader understanding of a community in just a few days. 




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