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Oaxaca Enchanted Forests

About the Enchanted Forests of Oaxaca (manual for walking in the clouds)

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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When it comes to traveling in nature, getting lost in the green and the light coming out of the trees, there is no better place than the forests. Those ecosystems, full of trees and bushes that, besides being present in almost every continent, offer us the possibility of entering a bucolic landscape capable of making us forget the daily hustle and bustle.

In Mexico there is a privileged amount of evergreen jungle that we can visit. A wonderful example of this can be found in Oaxaca, particularly in Ixtepeji , in the depths of the sierra. We are talking about Bosques de Encanto or Bosques de Niebla; a place of dense vegetation where travelers have the feeling that they are literally walking on clouds.

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A quick walk through the forests of enchantment

Oaxaca is a state that stands out for its immense cultural legacy, traditions, handicrafts, but above all for its great plant and animal biodiversity. This state is home to more than 12,500 species of flora and fauna. Many of the species that live here are endemic, such as the Esperanza butterfly or the dwarf magpie.

This region is so rich in terms of landscapes that it is considered one of the 17 most important areas in the world according to WWF data.


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On the other hand, Oaxaca has several types of ecosystems, including beaches, mountains, valleys, meadows, jungles and forests, which are characterized by coniferous forests, oak forests and mesophilic or cloud forests, where there are species such as ocote, pine, oak and oak nopis.

Since the highlands are home to 2,000 species of plants, exquisite dishes can be prepared with ingredients such as squash blossoms, beans, strawberries, etc. Besides Oaxaca is one of the regions where most insects are consumed, so it is not surprising to find them in bars, drinks and meals.



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Walk alongside the communities mancomunadas as you enter in one of Oaxaca’s enchanted forests and learn about the ecosystems, the life of the region and the history behind the forest.

Also in Ecoturixtlán, Ixtepeji, San José del Pacífico and San Pablo Etla, apart from the tour through the forests you can practice many activities such as zip-lining, rappel, climbing, mountain biking, fishing, temazcal, horseback riding, you can even taste dishes prepared with ingredients grown in the region.


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Certainly Oaxaca and its forests are a paradise that will leave you speechless and today thanks to these communities that are dedicated to protecting these forests, is that we can appreciate its beauty.

Live a magical experience and connect with nature!

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