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Oaxaca Forests Tour

Oaxaca Tour among Forests, Handicrafts and Beaches

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Oaxaca is one of the most visited states in Mexico. Its colorful beauty has captivated millions of foreigners. It is one of the few places in the country where most of the indigenous customs and traditions are still respected. This state will always welcome people with open arms and mesmerizing beauty. So let’s go with Rutopia on this tour through Oaxaca and its destinations that hold natural wonders and beautiful landscapes.

Oaxaca’s wheater

All of Mexico’s ecosystems are found in Oaxaca. There are several types of forests, mangroves, and beaches in this state, for that reason, the climate depends on the areas. The average temperature of the whole state is 22ºC, the maximum is 32ºC, and the minimum is 12.5ºC.

Tour through the Pueblos Mancomunados: Oaxaca’s charming small towns

The Pueblos Mancomunados is a community-based tourism initiative in the North Sierra of Oaxaca. They are a group of 6 Zapotec villages, each with a specific vocation that they share with the others. This area is forested, the lowlands have a temperature of 24ºC, but on the peaks, the average temperature is 8-10ºC.

These villages are connected by a tourist route perfect for hiking or biking routes. At Rutopía we specialize in 4 of these communities: Latuvi, La Nevería, Benito Juárez and Cuajimoloyas. The first two focus on nature, with unique cabins and greenhouses, while the last two are adventure destinations with camping areas and zip lines.

Oaxaca’s handicrafts tours

San Martín Tilcajete

Near the center of Oaxaca is the town where they are dedicated to making authentic alebrijes, representations of spiritual animals craved on wood. These crafts are a work of art with fluorescent colors from pre-Hispanic traditions. In the workshops, people can elaborate a perfect alebrije for each person.

San Bartolo Coyotepec

One of the biggest attractions of Oaxaca is the black clay. In San Bartolo, most of the population is dedicated to pottery, so many black clay workshops exist. As a result, people can find unique black clay handicrafts in its market, from vases, jewelry, pots, pottery, and religious figures.

Teotitlan Del Valle

Teotitlan del Valle was one of the main pre-Hispanic Zapotec towns and still preserves part of its culture. It stands out for its production of wool rugs, and women are dedicated to making backstrap looms. However, what characterizes these textile crafts are the natural colors.

Tour of the Colors of Oaxaca’s Historic Center

The Historic Center of Oaxaca is full of unique buildings and art. Along with the site of Monte Alban, it is a World Heritage Site for its colonial beauty. Its churches, convents, and museums stand out, and its two markets; one for food and the other for handicrafts. Its streets are full of graffiti that highlights the social and artistic vocation of the state.

Secret roads of Oaxaca

San Jose del Pacifico

The southwestern region stands out for its mountains. San Jose del Pacifico is a small town where people can find relaxation. Its cabins are 100% surrounded by the nature of the forest. It is a perfect place for hiking, walking, or biking because when the sky is clear, one can admire the sea from the summit.


The Manialtepec lagoon is one of the most unique in Mexico. People can rent kayaks to tour the mangroves and observe their flora and fauna. It is also one of the few places in the world where one can see the bioluminescence of the water. Hence, at night the water of the lagoon is illuminated with intense blue color.

Oaxacan Coast Routes

Puerto Escondido, arriving to Oaxaca’s beaches

The beaches of Puerto Escondido are among the most popular in Oaxaca, but that doesn’t make it a run-of-the-mill tourist destination. On the contrary, these white sand beaches have a lot to offer without falling into generic options. Here the waves are the perfect element to spend the afternoon surfing or otherwise get away from it all in a yoga class.


Secondly, we find Mazunte, which offers an incomparable experience. One of its beaches is witness to a natural wonder: the arrival of thousands of turtles that occurs every 30 days from July to December. Visitors can also enjoy one of the best views at the Punta Cometa lookout point.


Finally, this is another favorite place in Oaxaca, Huatulco. It has nine bays and up to 36 beaches. Two places in Huatulco are the Laguna de la Ventanilla, where the winter solstice is celebrated like nowhere else, and the Copalita Bay, a bird reserve.

Oaxaca is a state that has it all and guarantees an unforgettable experience for any traveler from north to south. We know it sounds too good to be accurate, but all these places have the Rutopia guarantee. And believe it or not, this is only a fraction of what this state has to offer, so one should visit it more than once in a lifetime.

For these reasons, Oaxaca always is the best choice.


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