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Three Projects of Women Enterprising in Rutopia

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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In Rutopia, we work closely with many projects starring women enterprising that travelers can visit throughout Mexico. These women are powerful, courageous, unique, and fearless and fight every day for their dreams and keep their communities’ culture and nature alive.

Here are some beautiful examples of all-female projects worth being part of and cooperating through a journey.

El Almacén, Mujeres Milenarias

In the first place, deep in the majestic Sierra de Oaxaca, live a Mixtec community formed by a group of women who work together, struggle to survive, and rescue the tradition and conservation of the maguey pulquero, from which pulque, a traditional beverage, is born. 

The organization’s purpose was to generate income and stop migration, which had been happening for a long time. Thanks to this initiative, the community became self-employed and reduced migration.


Learn more about pulque, a pre-Hispanic beverage, from the hands of enterprising women.

Therefore, the Mujeres Milenarias have become the guardians of pulque and aguamiel; they are always ready to welcome you with a jar of the pre-Hispanic drink and be your guides through the town on a tour that culminates in front of a dinner table full of traditional food.


Taste the ancestral beverage and its process

In addition, every year in May, Mujeres Milenarias organizes its pulque festival, which presents different types of pulque. Also, activities such as dancing, traditional music, and Mixtec barbecue. Mujeres Milenarias is a jewel little known in Mexican culture.

Orquídeas De Sian Ka’an

Secondly is the Orquideas project. Since 2011, enterprising women formed this cooperative in a small fishing village in Punta Allen on Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was created to promote tourism activities and the protection of the reserve.


Discover the beauty of the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve

Likewise, the women of Las Orquídeas are an example to follow for their perseverance, self-improvement, and being defenders of the natural reserves of Sian Kaan

Coupled with them, you will enjoy a unique experience of learning many things. For example, they will take you to know the beautiful trails of Sian Kaan, where you will observe nature, dazzling landscapes, endemic flora, and fauna, along with kayaking, biking, hiking, etc., all this from a different and original point of view.


Touring through the stunning nature of Sian Kaan is an unforgettable experience.

Nahua women of Santa Ana Tzacuala, Acaxochitlán

The women of the village of Santa Ana Tzacuala, part of the community of Acaxochitlán in Hidalgo, have joined together to strengthen the weaving and embroidery traditions of the region and to show travelers this ancestral tradition.


Learn about handmade embroidery with Rutopía

Likewise, Nahua women have been recognized regionally for their extraordinary textile work. In addition, there are various garments, such as quechquémitl, shawls, and sashes, made with worsted wool or cotton.


Furthermore, most of the women of Santa Ana Tzacuala are dedicated to weaving learning at a very young age, from 8 or 9 years old, guided by their grandmothers, mothers, or older sisters. Therefore, the textiles have an exceptional value for labor and dedication. Each garment represents an excellent gift for any celebration because it is considered a privilege to use.




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