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Six Destinations to Enjoy with your Loved One in Yucatan

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Yucatan is a state full of magic, life, and dazzling landscapes that will amaze us even more if it is with our better half. There are perfect destinations to visit with your loved one in Yucatan and make a romantic and unforgettable trip. So let’s start our TOP places to visit as a couple in Yucatan.


Destinations to travel as a couple in Yucatan

Holbox Island: walks along the shore of the beach 

Its crystal clear waters and tranquility characterize Holbox Island. This island has a lot to offer, such as swimming with whale sharks, snorkeling, and bird watching.

Couples can live a very romantic experience in Punta Cocos during the night to contemplate an amazing and unique sunset. Couples can enjoy the place under a blanket full of stars and the bioluminescence of the beach.

bioluminiscencia en las aguas de la isla holbox

San Felipe: a destination to connect with your loved one in Yucatán

San Felipe is a fishing port rich in marine fauna. The town is located between the Rio Lagartos Biosphere and the Yum Balam Flora and Fauna Protection Area. Couples who choose this place in Yucatan for their romantic vacations start with walks to observe the colorful wooden houses.



Later in the tour, you can visit the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, a perfect place to see pink flamingos. You can also take a boat tour through mangroves and visit the salt pond with its unique pink waters. Another option for couples seeking tranquility is to visit Holbox village and Punta Cocos beach.


Zazil Tunich is a destination to relax with your loved one in Yucatan.

Swimming in the crystal clear waters of a cenote is an incredible experience for a couple. An adventure full of history, legends, and mysticism of the Mayan culture. During the tour, besides enjoying the beauty of the place, you can have a Mayan purification ceremony, ending with a romantic and unique dinner decorated with candles and flowers.



In the majestic Yokdzonot cenote, couples will swim in its beautiful turquoise waters while discovering an underwater world. After a refreshing swim, you can tour other nearby cenotes by bicycle, zip-line, rappel, camp, or enjoy traditional meals prepared by community members.


Kaab ná Nature & Health Tourism

Kaab ná is a harmonious refuge in nature where the main attraction is to rest and relax. Couples can create a special connection with themselves and nature in this place. And what better than to sleep in one of the cabins located in the Yucatan jungle.

Thanks to this, couples can go deep into the jungle to observe birds, the starry sky, and more. Or what better than relaxing with one of the holistic and energetic therapies, massages, and temazcal.


Co’ox Mayab

Co’ox Mayab is an ideal place to spend your vacations as a couple. In Co’ox Mayab, you will live an experience full of culture, learning, and new adventures. All this while living intimately with the culture and traditions of the nearby communities.


Undoubtedly, Yucatan is the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation with your loved one. Whether it is a weekend vacation or a romantic getaway, we hope you find in the places we have recommended your next destination as a couple. Have you and your partner already chosen one of them?



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