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Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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A safe trip begins long before packing or boarding a plane; it usually takes days or even months to plan every detail. Then, unconsciously, we make a list of steps to follow to ensure comfort and safety during our stay.

In fact, by organizing a trip, one can enjoy the journey by avoiding uncomfortable and dangerous situations such as an allergy from consuming food that hurts you. Avoiding these situations provides us with memorable trips in a good way.


What are tourist safety and security?

Tourist safety and security encompass health, physical and psychological integrity. These concepts have had a boom in recent years, and it has allowed travelers to be increasingly critical and demand better options when choosing a destination.

To design a trip on your own, you invest time gathering information about the places you want to visit. However, you can also opt for companies that facilitate the search and booking, such as travel agencies.


Does Rutopia offer a safe trip?

Rutopia offers a catalog of sustainable projects for travelers to visit and connect with local hosts.

In this sense, Rutopia provides safe travel while allowing immersion in nature and authentic experiences. Furthermore, the destinations offered are verified, with remote assistance throughout the trip and Assist Card insurance.


Tailor-made designs

Rutopia trips are designed in detail, including accommodation, food, special diets, and activities to be performed during the stay. Every detail considers the needs of travelers and their companions. There are various meal options, from homemade food to experiences where the traveler learns to taste coffee or prepare mole from scratch.

Likewise, the accommodations follow the safety and health protocols against Covid-19, and there are also less crowded destinations to avoid crowds. 


Enjoying a trip and feeling safe is possible! However, one must think, plan and anticipate the factors that may occur during the journey. The most important thing is to be safe and the safety of the people traveling with us.



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