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Cave of Snakes

The Cave of the Hanging Snakes Quintana Roo

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Every cave in Mexico has an extraordinary natural attraction. Perhaps for that reason, or only for that reason, there is none like the cave of the hanging snakes in Kantemó, Quintana Roo. A place where not only inhabit these reptiles (beautiful for some, terrifying for others) but also a group of species that over time have learned to live in deep darkness.


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Surrounded by snakes and bats

Located in Quintana Roo, near the Yucatan border, this cave is home to hundreds of hanging snakes known as rattlesnakes. Although this species is quite common in the Mayan jungle, this particular type has the peculiarity of living out its days in absolute darkness.

To subsist, these reptiles feed on the bats that hover in the cave. It should be noted that these rodents – which have acquired a dubious reputation for COVID – contribute not only to the subsistence of the vipers, but also to the very existence of the jungle, since they are responsible for dispersing seeds and generating a certain biological control.


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When night falls, a dense cloud of six species of bats flit inside the cave ready to fly out into the jungle.


While this is happening, it is a unique experience to contemplate the snakes slithering through the cracks of the cave, suspended by their tails, swinging rhythmically in order to catch their prey in the air, and then reel it in and devour it, without a doubt an exceptional spectacle.

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An Adaptive Ecosystem

The hanging snakes are not the only attraction of Kantemó, Quintana Roo, since in the walls of the cave you can observe marine fossils of what was once a bed.

Below is a system of tunnels with crystalline waters, where endemic aquatic species of Quintana Roo subsist, some of them like the blind eel, the white lady or the blind shrimp. On the other hand, bats are the food base of the place, because the other species that live there depend on them to survive.


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On the other hand, bats are the food base of the site, since the other species that live there depend on them to survive.

Ecotourism in Kantemo Quintana Roo

The Kantemó cave is a natural treasure in the dark, its part of the Kantemó community ecotourism project, a community of Mayan people who live sustainably thanks to the benefits and singularities that nature offers them.


For this reason you will live an amazing experience where you not only will enter into the cave and learn about it, you can also do activities such as kayaking, in the Chichankanab lagoon where you can see crocodiles in their habitat, cycling through the jungle, snorkeling, among others.

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