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Unknown Caves Durango

The unknown caves of Nuevo Durango

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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In addition to the well-known places, the sea, and Mayan ruins, Quintana Roo is full of unknown towns, almost secret, hidden in the immensity of the jungle. An example of this are the caves of Nuevo Durango.

With so many places to visit in this state, sometimes we forget we are in the heart of a jungle. A unique jungle that has been home to the Maya for centuries and was a secret in ancient times that allowed these pre-Hispanic people to develop and become a mighty empire.

Nuevo Durango

The Maya left behind a legacy that today is as alive as ever before. A gift fragmented in small towns that can be closely contemplated in Nuevo Durango, a small village in Quintana Roo. Yet, with so few inhabitants -just over 200- its existence can go unnoticed.

At Nuevo Durango exist a series of caves, unknown to most people. Some were discovered by accident, others appeared in the landscape, but all are a treasure not only to the villagers, who are responsible for guiding tourists through these caves and the entire country.



For the adventurous, the Nuevo Durango caves would be perfect. They have the peculiarity that people have to rappel to enter them. The adrenaline of descent while the wind caresses the face will be the cherry on top of the trip.

We recommend enjoying this activity in the company of local guides. They are the ones who have driven tourism in their area, so they have adapted everything to make this experience enjoyable and safe.


A’aktun Jaaleb

This second Nuevo Durango cave is for lovers of natural formations. For example, A’aktun Jaaleb is full of stalactites and stalagmites (the stalactites are pointing downwards, and the stalagmites are pointing upwards).

Our guides will explain everything about this natural phenomenon. How, through millions of years, nature gave the Maya these formations that are part of their culture and cosmovision.



It’s worth mentioning that Nuevo Durango is not limited to its caves. This village also has other attractions such as the House of Insects and different culinary projects.

The inhabitants are very proud of their land. Therefore, they are always looking for ways to encourage tourism through what nature has given them.



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