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Yaxunah Mayan Knowledge

Learn all about corn and Mayan knowledge in Yaxunah community, Yucatán

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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There is a perfect place to reconnect and give a broader meaning to working with the land. The Maya community of Yaxunah or Primera Casa in the Maya language is located in the extreme south-central part of the state of Yucatan, just 20km from the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. It is a community as mystical as it is beautiful.

But Yaxunah is also a peaceful place where indigenous customs converge with the offer of tourist experiences full of ancestral Mayan knowledge, Yucatecan gastronomy, and natural beauty.


Tourism in the Maya community of Yaxunah

The mission of this site is to make known the millenary world of corn. Here we will learn from its sowing to its harvest and the preparation of beverages made from this crucial raw material for Mexico.

The experience starts from the very first moment. As soon as we arrive, the local hosts are in charge of welcoming the community and accompanying visitors to live this experience.


A journey through the Mayan culture: unique experiences of nature, gastronomy, and culture

The experiences offered by Rutopía are carried out in conjunction with the Maya community. We work hand in hand with the groups formed in the community. We believe that the cultural immersion experience will allow people to see unique places and help the communities regenerate their culture and ecosystems.


The tours range from tasting typical dishes to going deep into the landscape to connect with nature. The first activity is the cochinita pibil experience, where visitors participate in preparing this emblematic dish.

While the cochinita is ready, there is a milpa workshop to learn about corn planting. For those who want another experience, we recommend learning about hammock weaving and the making of necklaces and accessories. There is also the possibility of learning about the benefits of the seed bank.


After lunch, we can go to the archaeological zone of Yaxunah, and at the end, to the open cenote Lol-Ha with its authentic beauty. The name of this cenote means water cocoon, and its turquoise waters are surrounded by nature.


A full day in the Maya community of Yaxunah, Yucatán

This tour is the best option to learn about the local customs in-depth through Yucatecan dishes, handicraft and milpa workshops, and readings in the Mayan language. We will sleep in cabins made of the same material as the houses in the community.


With Rutopía, we can support this kind of experience in Mexico.


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