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Mysterious Alleys San Miguel

The two most mysterious alleys in San Miguel de Allende

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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To walk aimlessly through the streets of San Miguel de Allende is an activity that guarantees a time of relaxation and adventure. This city is also full of legends. Legends are an important part of the city’s extensive history. 


The streets of San Miguel de Allende come together and form cul-de-sacs. These alleys are the scene of many legends, some about love, and some others of horror. Many of the stories told about these streets are part of Mexican folklore.

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Cuadrante Steet

At number 18 of Cuadrante Street, there is a house built in 1780. There lived a counselor of the Holy Inquisition, who died when he got stuck between the house’s walls while it was being made. However, you can still hear his spirit within the house’s walls.

Years ago, a young businessman was attracted by the house’s beauty and bought it. The first few days, nothing out of the ordinary happened. But then he began to hear noises, footsteps and his things started to get lost. Until one night, he encountered the spirit of the inquisitor and was never seen again.

They have tried to sell the house again for decades, but no one has wanted to buy it. The neighbors of San Miguel themselves say that the house is covered in fog at night, and a figure can be seen lurking around the house. It is said that the people who see through the window become obsessed with owning the home.

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Piedras Chinas Alley

One night a group of musicians had finished their day and passed through this alley. They heard a wagon coming towards them, and a man stepped down. The musicians could not see his face but he asked them to play at a party and offered them food and money.

The musicians accepted and climbed into the man’s wagon. On the way to the party, they stopped hearing the stones in the streets and realized they were floating. When they arrived at the party, the guests were neighbors from San Miguel de Allende who had passed away.


At dawn, the seven musicians woke up on a hill without the promised money. Some versions say that it was the devil who took them to play in the underworld. Nowadays, townspeople say that some nights this gentleman keeps appearing which is why people, especially musicians, avoid going there after dawn.

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These are just some of the legends told in San Miguel de Allende. Getting to know the stories of the city is part of the experience. The collection of streets that lead to dead ends is just part of Guanajuato‘s charm.


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