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Campeche Highlights

Campeche, Mexico: a place full of history, flavor and nature

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Rutopía editorial team
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Campeche is full of colors that make each corner a beautiful postcard. It is a little-known destination but very impressive. The state offers another point of view of the Mexican southeast, from its tourist sites, pirates and their treasures, and archaeological structures, to Caribbean flavors and sightings of birds and dolphins.

Discover the city of Campeche, Mexico

Pirates and Mexico are two words that go hand in hand

Campeche is a coastal city that is undoubtedly always worth returning to, as this destination abounds in beautiful beaches with pink sunsets. In addition to an impressive historical center, hotels, delicious dishes, and a great culture.

Campeche has a great historical past. Its walls remind pirates who ravaged its seas in search of their treasures. That is why Campeche is the only walled city in Mexico today, with forts that served to confront the pirates that threatened this place.


Campeche, a World Heritage Site, has one of the most beautiful Historic Centers in the Caribbean region, along with Cartagena and Merida. The Historical Center is just a few minutes from the airport, so to reach it, we recommend going by road, to be able to enjoy the spectacular view from the very first moment. While walking through the city’s streets, we find the beautiful Calle 59, which connects two “gates,” the Sea Gate and the Land Gate. The street is colored in pastel tones that give it a particular shade, which makes it a perfect photographic spot.


Calakmul Archaeological Zone

The experience would not be complete without visiting the archaeological zones and hidden Mayan treasures such as Edzná, Chicanná, Becán, Xpujil, and Calakmul — considered one of the most important archaeological zones in the state.


Cenote Miguel Colorado

Sliding down the zip line, hiking, kayaking, or simply observing from the viewpoints are activities that visitors can perform in the cenote. One hour and forty-five minutes from Campeche is this place, a cenote with almost 80 meters high and deep green waters.


Isla Pajaros and Laguna de Términos

Firstly, at Isla Aguada, travelers can discover its secret, a small and beautiful mangrove home to the Jabiru stork, the largest seabird in America.

After getting to know the fauna of Isla Aguada, we suggest going on a boat adventure accompanied by bottlenose dolphins in Laguna de Términos.


Campeche Gastronomy

Another reason to visit Campeche, besides its tourist attractions, is its delicious gastronomy. Local food combines pre-Hispanic traditions and flavors, where Spanish and Caribbean cuisine converges. The typical dishes are Coconut Shrimp, Pan de Cazón (Dogfish Bread), Pickled Pompano, or Panucho. Do not miss the shrimp in one of its numerous presentations, coconut shrimp, breaded shrimp, and shrimp with garlic.


A charming postcard from Mexico and Campeche

If we had to choose one image of Campeche, our options would range from sunset with the orange and pink reflections contrasting with the shades of blue of the water. Another option would be one sit in a café downtown while appreciating the dome of the cathedral and the walls in the distance, with the sounds of the sea breeze in the background. So what better way to end a trip through this picturesque state than with e memories for a lifetime?




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