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Pambazo Variations

Mexican Food with Different Versions: The Pambazo

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Mexican food is one of the most applauded gastronomies in the world. Although the essential ingredients may be similar, each region of the country has its culinary style. In addition, every state is responsible for appropriating each recipe by adding its special touch.

Therefore, no matter how many times you visit Mexico, its food always surprises you. One of the foods that change depending on the state is the pambazo. The mandatory ingredient for this dish is a particular type of bread. 


There are two theories about the origin of this dish. The first one is that a cook created them in honor of Empress Carlota of Habsburg when she ordered the cook to make a bread inspired by the Pico de Orizaba, a volcano that separates Veracruz and Puebla.

Another explanation of the origin of pambazo dates back to the Viceroyalty. The “pan basso” turned out to be a very popular bread because it was economical and filling. Some establishments dedicated themselves to solely producing them, called pambacerias. 

Pambazo in Mexico City

Many the diners in Mexico City have pambazos on their menu. Their traditional stuffing is potato or potato and chorizo. Its distinctive flavor is that of the chile guajillo. First, the bread is bathed in a guajillo chile sauce for flavor. Then it is browned on a comal with a bit of oil.

Finally, this traditional dish of the capital is served with lettuce, cream, and cheese; you can also add sauce to taste. It is one of the most beloved Mexican street food. In the festivities of September 16, Independence Day, it is a must-have dish.


The pambazo in Puebla

The main difference between this pambazo and the one in Mexico City is the absence of chile guajillo sauce. In addition, the bread has flour coverage. Its usual stuffing is mole, Puebla’s most famous dish, or beans with fresh cheese. 

This dish is simpler than Mexico City’s and is typical of children’s parties. The value of this pambazo is to highlight the flavor of the bread. Tourists can enjoy one in one of the city’s cafeterias at lunch or breakfast. 


Although they share the same name, pambazos’ preparation changes depending on the state. The versatility of Mexican food is always surprising. Sometimes, when we order a meal, they give us something a little different than what we had in mind. But this allows us to try different combinations of flavors.



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