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Detox vacation in Puerto Escondido: yoga, surfing and nature

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Rutopía editorial team
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Traveling along the Oaxaca coast, between white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, is Puerto Escondido. That beach where surfers wait to catch the perfect wave and where people who practice yoga wait for sunrises and sunsets to absorb the sun’s energy. A place of both natural and cultural richness.

It sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? It is, and although it may seem far away, it’s only an hour’s flight from Mexico City. Puerto Escondido is full of lively beaches that are perfect for those looking for a break from the everyday life without completely isolating themselves. The tourist can choose from a large ranges of hotels, restaurants, bars, stores and some spas with a relaxing atmosphere and windows that overlook the Pacific.

Let’s go to Puerto Escondido together with Rutopía, Book your trip here.

The 8 Beaches of Puerto Escondido Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido has eight different types of beaches. Although they are similar in their beauty, each one has its unique charm that deserves to be known.


On the far left of Puerto Escondido is Bacocho, a vast and beautiful beach whose waves can get quite rough. This site has a large expanse of sand, ideal for long walks, contemplating nature, and practice fitness or yoga in Puerto Escondido. There is also a turtle release center.

Coral Beach

From Playa Bacocho, it is possible to walk across some rocks to Playa Coral. However, getting there is not the easiest thing to do, as one has to descend a steep trail. Playa Coral is a hidden gem where the water is calmer for swimming, the sand is white, the water is clear, and palm trees are everywhere.


After walking down 167 stone steps, you will arrive at one of the locals’ favorite beaches at Puerto Escondido, where the water is clear, the waves are gentle, and the water has a turquoise color. Carrizalillo beach offers the possibility of snorkeling to see coral reefs. It is also a popular surfing spot for beginners, as it is possible to rent a board and take a lesson on the beach.

Puerto Angelito Beach

This beach is more frequented by locals than visitors. Thus travelers can have a more authentic feel of Puerto Escondido. Puerto Angelito has a small reef just off the shore for snorkeling, and there are also a few restaurants right on the beach. Also, visitors can buy a boat trips to see dolphins.

Manzanillo Beach

At Playa Manzanillo, the water is calm and perfect for relaxing, and there are some palm trees to enjoy the shade. The restaurants here overlook the beach to enjoy a beautiful view in a very chill atmosphere.

Principal Beach

Playa Principal has the best atmosphere with Its fishing boats, and its comfort. Sun lovers are attracted to Playa Principal because it is located in the heart of the city, where the beach is narrower and where the water is just a few steps away. To end the day, visitors can stroll along El Adoquín, a pedestrian area of souvenir stores and restaurants.

Zicatela Beach, Surf paradise at Puerto Escondido

Zicatela Beach is huge and there are stores and restaurants. The waves are perfect for surfing, and its nightlife is unique, among other things, like delicious food and drinks.

La Punta Puerto Escondido

Moonlight parties and sandy streets, and surfers created a hipster atmosphere at La Punta. It is named for the rocky point attracting sunset lovers, fishers, and photographers. La Punta is also a famous beach for surfing, outdoor activities, boogie boarding, and yoga in Puerto Escondido.

As we can see Puerto Escondido is divided into these main areas: bacocho, rinconada, centro playa, Zicatela, los tamarindos, etc. We can stay in any area, and each has its pros and cons  But we can assure you that you will live one of the best vacations ever, surrounded by sun, sand, and sea.

Travel with Rutopia Puerto Escondido, where its beaches offer a paradisiacal place to leave memories to those who visit it.

What to do in Puerto Escondido

There are many things to do in Puerto Escondido, and it can’t get boring.

Here we present our favorite activities:

San Jose Manialtepec and bioluminescence night show

Our first recommendation is to visit the Manialtepec lagoon to get to know its mangroves and watch the sunset at a secret beach at the end of the lagoon. At night, we can see bioluminescence, a phenomenon where the water glows thanks to some lighting microorganisms. It is an incredible spectacle that very few get to see during their lifetime and you can hardly capture it on your cell phone or camera.

Horseback riding

Another option is to go horseback riding to the hot springs, which take travelers through the jungle, rivers, and incredible landscapes that end in these hot springs where there are mud pools. One can relax in the hot springs and then ride their horse all the way back to where the trip started or take a boat ride across the lagoon.

Turtle release

Seven of the eight recognized sea turtles in the world nest on the beaches of Mexico. In Puerto Escondido, there are turtles to release almost all year round. The most important thing when releasing turtles is to use a container to carry them and deposit them on the sand and not to use perfumes, makeup, creams, and anything with chemicals or strong odors as they can disorient the turtles on their way to the sea.

Dolphin Sightings

Number four is dolphin watching. All year-round, one can see one of the four species of dolphins swimming in these waters: spinner dolphins, painted dolphins, white-bellied dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins. At Puerto Angelito, you can rent a boat to spend the morning watching dolphins and even whales off the coast of Puerto Escondido and you can even go in the water to swim with them.

La Ventanilla

Another recommendation is to visit the Ventanilla reserve. Here travelers can see the crocodile reserve and some exotic animal species that have been rescued from circus owners who did not take care of them or from animal trafficking. These places seek to raise awareness about the importance of animals and how tourism is critical because tourism also impacts the entire ecosystem.

Surf at Puerto Escondido

The sixth recommendation is the surf classes. Whether for beginners or intermediate-advanced surfers, travelers can learn some new techniques. Or go to one of the Mexican brands that make surfboards and visit their workshop to learn a little about the elaboration process or even have a board made and customized. Or you can be a spectator of surfing competitions with world-class athletes.

Paddleboard yoga, Puerto Escondido

Surfing and yoga go hand in hand. We recommend practicing yoga on a paddleboard because it is a challenging activity. For those who want to move their bodies, the recommendation is to stop early to practice postures before sunset.

Local and international cuisine

Finally, we can’t leave this blue-green paradise without trying its cuisine. Indeed after the boat ride and swimming for a while, you will be hungry. In Puerto Escondido, you can definitely enjoy a feast of seafood, fish, and a tasty mezcal. But also international food in La Punta, here they have Thai, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Argentinean, Chinese, and you can try them all!

Apart from these activities, there are many others you can do, but I hope this guide will help you plan your trip. If you want to book some of the activities, click here.

Best day trips from Puerto Escondido

There are many fantastic excursions and adventures to do from Puerto Escondido. To go, you can book a tour, go by cab or rent a motorcycle or a car. However, we recommend one of the following:

Mazunte – Turtle conservation, beaches, sushi, and yoga retreats in Puerto Escondido.
Punta Cometa – Dream sunrises and sunsets.
Barra de la Cruz – Surf spot for advanced surfers.
Chacahua – We enjoy surfing and big waves to the fullest. Plus a boat on the lagoon and a beach hut for rent.
San Jose – An adventure among the forest, the sea, and clouds.

Final thoughts on the trip to Puerto Escondido

If you made it to this end, you are probably planning your trip to Puerto Escondido. This Mexican destination has everything you could ever want

– as always, drop us a line with any questions here!

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