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Nature campsite: enjoy starry nights

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Tourism can be a transforming experience. However, traveling to luxury hotels or resorts is not the same as traveling to a nature campsite. In a camp, you do not enjoy the comforts of a hotel, but you live with nature and learn from it. Also, you live experiences such as sleeping, looking at the stars, and waking up with the first light at dawn.


Nature campsite is one of the best options to get out of the routine. According to the North American Camping Report, published by Kampgrounds of America, 10.1 million people camped for the first time in 2020, more than a third of whom cited COVID-19 as a key factor. In addition, camping is also a way to disconnect from the world and find peace. Finally, as the study in the journal Current Biology mentions, going camping in nature helps prevent the delay in sleep schedules in modern societies.

With Rutopia, go nature campsites and campfires, contemplating a sunset and the beauty of nature.

Nature campsite is for those travelers who seek to have a meaningful interaction with the natural environment surrounding them. In Mexico, there are places for camping, from protected natural areas, forests to beaches. According to Brooker and Joppe, you can get fresh air, look at the stars, and enjoy nature at a nature campsite. Hence, one of the main drivers of camping experiences is the desire to have close contact with nature and escape from the daily routine.

These are nine destinations that are very different but offer something in common: a vacation in the middle of nature.

Where to go nature campsite in Mexico?

La Raíz del Futuro


Immersed in Calakmul is an eco-tourism project called La Raíz del Futuro (The Root of the Future). We can go nature campsite and learn the magic of the jungle. In La Raíz del Futuro, we can also discover our Mayan ancestors’ archaeological remains, observe flora and fauna of this region, and taste the Tzeltales flavors.

Nature campsite at Valentin Natural


Another eco-tourism project in the southeast of Mexico is the one developed by the community of Valentín Gómez Farías, “Valentín Natural” in the municipality of Calakmul. The inhabitants of Valentin will share with us their experience in the sustainable management of the jungle, such as reforestation areas, the creation of the giant orchid in the region, the extraction of natural chewing gum, and the production of honey. In addition, there is a camping area in front of the lagoon in a jungle corner.

Camping “El Hormiguero”, Calakmul


At El Hormiguero, you will find tents under trees or on wooden platforms set up in the jungle. It has dry toilets and showers. The place also has a theme park where in addition to camping, you can walk an interpretive trail visit an orchid house and the monkey cave.

Puerta A La Montaña Camp


At Puerta a la Montaña, we will enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the cloud forest. We will walk along the trails observing birds of the area, such as the quetzal. We will also contemplate the arrival of a new day from the coffee plantations.

Nature Campsite at Tlalli Tonazihua


In Tlalli Tonazihua, we will live the experience of a nature campsite under the stars. In its 4 thousand square meters, you will find pine and cedar trees, ideal for breathing fresh air. The place is located in Huitzilac, 40 minutes from Mexico City and Cuernavaca. Tonazihua offers workshops, yoga classes, and natural products such as goat cheese, sauces, jams, and craft beer, all made by local producers.

Xumu Ecotourism Park


Xumu Ecotourism Park also has a camping area. In addition, there is an area for campfires and marshmallow roasting. Xumu Ecotourism Park has several camping areas, but two main ones are Eco Camping and Open Camping.

Corral De Piedra Ecotourism Park



In Valle de Bravo, Corral de Piedra Ecotourism Park, water abounds, and the sky takes on purple hues. The place is at the foothills of the Nevado de Toluca at 2200 meters above sea level. It is somewhat cold, and you have to be prepared for the weather. Nevertheless, it is an ideal place to rest, walk among the trees, see fireflies at night.

Nature campsite at Casa José Tacaná



How about visiting Chiapas? Casa José Tocaná is located on the slopes of the Tacaná Volcano, on the border with Guatemala. Here we offer camping, mountain trails, beach, hot springs, and the ascent of the Tacaná Volcano, among other routes.

Camping in the 3 Tzimoleras


To stay camping at Las 3 Tzimoleras is to enjoy a sunset, also the night in the forest with the starry sky, crickets, campfire, songs, legends, and the waterfalls’ lullaby. In addition to celebrating life at dawn in the Sabino forest and the natural environment of this beautiful place.

We visit the best places for nature campsites in Mexico.


Now that you know the best places for Nature Campsite in Mexico, what are you waiting for to go to one of them and get to know the nature of our country? Book a trip with Rutopia, whatever your camping in nature plan is.


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