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Punta Laguna Monkeys

What are the monkeys looking at? Let’s discover it at Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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For those who don’t know, Punta Laguna is an example of how locals can simultaneously manage tourism and resource protection. This community has taken the initiative to conserve the area and the natural sanctuary of the spider monkey.  A species that in addition to having a particular importance in the ecosystem has helped since 1994 to economically develop this region.

Punta Laguna is a Nature Reserve located in the northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula, 18 km from the Coba Archaeological Zone and 26 km from Nuevo Xcan. Since 2002, CONANP decreed the Flora and Fauna Protection Area “Otoch Ma’ax Yetel Kooh” (the home of the spider monkey and the puma). 

Therefore, visiting this site is not only a chance to have a close encounter with nature but also to help those who dedicate themselves to protect it. That is why here is an itinerary designed for all of you.

Do you want to visit Punta Laguna? We can help you design your perfect trip.

Start the immersion in the Punta Laguna Natural Reserve with a Mayan purification


By tradition, before starting the excursion, you must perform a cleansing ceremony, which consists of a ritual to enter the jungle free of evil energies. Then, a shaman and a founding community member perform a ceremony. The tradition is celebrated with smoke, and a sacred drink is taken at the end.

Monkeys and jaguars in Punta Laguna Nature Reserve


To see the monkeys, you must imitate the sounds of the monkeys while walking through the trees. Suddenly you will hear an unmistakable rustling sound, and it is time to look up and see them making their way through the branches.

Spider monkeys have long arms and use their tail as a fifth limb to swing from a tree. If we are lucky, we can also see and hear howler monkeys.

There are also jaguars in the less accessible part of the jungle. In fact, it is estimated that jungle in the Yucatan Peninsula is home to the largest population of jaguars in Mesoamerica. There are also environmental education programs about the importance of the jaguar.

To see animals in their natural environment, Rutopia takes you on an adventure through the Punta Laguna nature reserve.

Ziplining or kayaking through the jungle


After admiring these amazing animals in their natural habitat, It’s time to put on our harnesses and helmets for an adrenaline rush on the zipline. From canopy to canopy, the zip line runs 240 meters. All you have to do is buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Another option is to sail across the calm lagoon and enjoy the silence of this enchanting place. You can hear only the birds singing and the occasional howler monkey. From the pier, you can paddle along the lake and enjoy nature.

Rappel and swim in the cenote

To cool off, you can swim in the subway cenoteIn the case of Punta Laguna, the cenote Las Calaveras awakens our interest. To reach its interior, you can use a wooden ladder, or better yet, you can rappel down.


The water inside is clear and fresh, and tiny bats inhabit it and hang from the ceiling. Lights illuminate the cenote inside, and people say that there are more than 100 skulls inside. The Mayas considered this a ritual and used cenotes as a burial chamber or sacrifices long ago.

Are you looking for a place out of the ordinary? Then Punta Laguna may be the right place.


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