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A week to get to know the essence of Yucatán

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Rutopía editorial team
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Let’s go on an ecotourism adventure through Yucatán, a route full of natural and cultural riches and heritage. Likewise, being such a great state, visitors should not miss specific destinations. Rutopia offers a tour of Yucatan’s most emblematic and unique ecotourism sites. 


Relaxing Day in Holbox Island

Let’s start our tour doing ecotourism on the relaxing and splendid Holbox Island. What better way to start our trip than seeing spectacular turquoise waters, and white sand, while watching dreamy sunsets and sunrises and a show full of bioluminescence on the shores of the sea!

In Rutopia, we recommend snorkeling with whale sharks, an unforgettable experience! In addition to activities such as bicycle and horseback riding in front of the sea and kayak tours through the mangroves, you can observe crocodiles, endemic birds, pink flamingos, and whale sharks. All of the above while enjoying the island’s tranquility and beauty.


Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve: Lagoons pink as flamingos

After enjoying a peaceful day in Holbox, we will continue to Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, a wetland area where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea meet. This place has become the favorite place for hundreds of pink flamingos year by year. Likewise, hundreds of beautiful flamingos and other birds can be seen in the biosphere: mangroves, crocodiles, turtles, jaguars, and more.


In addition, only 30 minutes away from the Reserve, you will find Las Coloradas. At first sight, these lagoons are fascinating for their attractive pink color, like flamingos (due to their saline concentration).

Additionally, to enjoy their attractive color, we recommend visiting them during the months of March-Augustpreferably at midday, since the sun causes the pink color of the water to stand out.


Zazil Tunich Largest Cenote in Yucatán and Entrance to Xibalba

After a magical day in Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, we will head to one of the main attractions of Yucatán, the cenote Zazil Tunich, remarkable for its beauty, greatness, and antiquity. Indeed, an experience full of history, legends, and mysticism of the Mayan culture, which you will discover as you enter Xibalba or Mayan Underworld.


In addition, it’s unique because it’s the largest cenote in Yucatán, with stone formations over 500,000 years old. To access it, you should make a descent of 20 meters deep, where you will find the sacred and shallow waters of the cenote.


Likewise, you will witness a Mayan purification ceremony. Finally, if you come with your partner, you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner surrounded by gorgeous flowers and swim in the mystical waters of the cenote.


Valladolid. A walk through Colonial Yucatán

Next, we will head to Valladolid, only 120 kilometers from Las Coloradas. This city is an excellent place for ecotourism in Yucatán; its importance has turned into a magical and colonial city.

Likewise, there is an excellent variety of activities to do here; some of the most important are: visit the convent, the cathedral, the regional museum, the Calzada de Los Frailes, the local market, dive into the relaxing Cenote Zaziltaste the delicious flavors of Yucatecan gastronomy, explore the beautiful corners of Valladolid, full of history and tradition.


Walk through the streets of Valladolid, a place where time spends peacefully, breathing the air of an ancient Mayan city.

Connect mind, body, and soul in Chichén Itzá and the Yokdzonot Cenote.

After a city full of history, we will visit another equally cultural and impressive site while continuing our route. Chichén Itzá is one of the world’s seven wonders, famous for its greatness and Mayan history. Notably, an extraordinary place to do some ecotourism in Yucatán; a treasure for history lovers.

Additionally, ecotourism with local guides will allow you to experience Chichén Itzá differently, without crowds, enjoying the sunrise rising over the ruins and filling you with energy. Likewise, at night, immersing yourself in the mysticism of the pyramid of Kukulkan in a spectacle of lights, sounds, colors, and figures is an unforgettable experience.


In addition, near there, you can refresh in the charming cenote Yokdzonot and its crystalline waters, where your mind, body, and soul will connect, discovering an underwater worldAfterward, you can zip-line, rappel, camp, swim in other nearby cenotes, and enjoy typical foods prepared by community members.


Did you know that the cenotes were considered sacred by the Mayas? Today, some communities keep that tradition alive.

City of the three cultures, Izamal

The trip continues with more history and culture to the stunning colonial city, Izamal, the yellow city or the city of the three cultures due to its mixed heritage of pre-Hispanic culture, colonial influence, and modern Mexican culture. The diversity and culture surrounding Izamal make it the perfect place to enrich your knowledge while enjoying unique experiences.


During the visit to Izamalyou will enjoy a colonial atmosphere with yellow buildings and houses, cobblestone streets, and visiting the Franciscan convent of San Antoni de Padua built over Mayan pyramids. The archaeological site of Kinich Kakmó, and enjoy the exquisite Yucatecan gastronomy.


Also, near Izamal, you will find Celestún, a perfect paradise for ecotourism in Yucatán. In addition, it’s part of the world heritage of the Reserve, which was officially declared a wildlife refuge in 1979.


Vacationing and doing ecotourism in Yucatán is visiting emblematic and cultural places recognized internationally. It’s discovering a part of the heart of Mexico. It’s a trip out of the ordinary, full of life, adventure, knowledge, wellness, love, and many wonders.




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