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Oaxaca's Best

Oaxaca: Mexico’s best

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Colors, tradition, beauty, and flavor are just some of the adjectives that describe Oaxaca. It is one of the favorite states of Mexicans and foreigners alike. Its simplicity, delicious black mole, black clay handicrafts, beautiful landscapes, and colonial architecture make Oaxaca stand out as the best tourist destination in all of Mexico.


Oaxaca is located in the southwest of the country and has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean, it is the fifth-largest state in Mexico. It was founded in 1823 and was home to many important figures in Mexico’s history. It is considered one of the most biodiverse states with more than 700 plant species and 100 endemic animal species found nowhere else.

When we say that Oaxaca has it all, we are not exaggerating. It is one of the most mountainous states and also has other ecosystems such as forests, mangroves, and beaches, in short, all of Mexico’s ecosystems in one place. Therefore, Oaxaca has a great climatic variety; in its territory, there are warm, semi-warm, semi-cold, semi-dry, and temperate climates.

Food and beverage

One of the most famous food in Mexico and the most typical of Oaxaca are its seven different types of mole, which is served without fail during festivities. This exquisite dish can be served with rice and chicken or in enmoladas, enchiladas with mole instead of sauce


And we can’t forget the drinks. Water chocolate replaces coffee at breakfast in Oaxaca, while on hot afternoons, nothing is as refreshing as a tejate. Of course, the most popular drink is mezcal and in Oaxaca, you can even find it with naturally fermented fruit.

Mexico’s Culture in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is known for its 16 indigenous cultures, the most representatives are the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs, today part of the population speaks Spanish and some dialect. These ethnic groups inhabit the center of the state where Monte Alban is located. This architectural precinct along with the historic center of Oaxaca was declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity in 1987.



The main handicrafts of Oaxaca are those made of black clay. From this material, you can find everything from vases and tableware to earrings and necklaces. The black clay pottery is incomparable and unique.

Other exclusive handicrafts of this state are the alebrijes carved in wood. These have a spiritual meaning inherited from the Zapotec culture. Nor can we forget the beautiful backstrap looms dyed with natural pigments.


In short, Oaxaca is the most abundant state in all of Mexico. A three-day trip is not enough to enjoy all that this magnificent state has to offer. Anyone who visits Oaxaca, no matter if it is the center or its beaches, falls in love with its natural and architectural beauty.



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