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Mérida Walkthrough

A walk-through Mérida, the White City

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Mérida, the white city, capital of one of the jewels of the Mexican peninsula, Yucatán. A quiet city with a warm climate, founded and built on the Mayan city ‘Toh.’ A city that, from its streets and avenues, appreciates the inspiration of its foundations, the Mayan architecture.

For a walk-through in a fair and temperate city, these are places that we are going to enjoy.

Paseo Montejo

Firstly, we recommend one of the main avenues, where the city’s most beautiful and oldest houses are located. Today, many of these are hotels, restaurants, and museums. The street’s name is for the conqueror of Yucatán and founder of the city, Francisco Montejo, whose house we will find on Calle 60 and currently houses the National Bank of Mexico.

Olimpo Cultural Center

To raise the center of Mérida, the government opened the Olimpo Cultural Center, a space entirely dedicated to promoting art, culture, and science. In addition, there is a planetarium, an extensive library, a movie theater, and forums for conferences and expos. There are usually concerts, events, and exhibitions, so hopefully, we will see some.

Santa Lucia Park

Santa Lucia Park is at the intersection of 60th and 55th streets, a place made especially to commemorate the Yucatecan composers. And every Thursday, this place becomes the scene of the Yucatecan trova, where the typical orchestra of Yucalpetén and famous trios of troubadours perform.

The color of the streets

Mérida is a city full of tranquility and the warmth of its inhabitants. But also the color, the architecture, and its streets will give us a sigh of joy. These are the streets we must visit:

  • Paseo de montejo: an avenue inspired by the Parisian Champs Elysées.
  • Parque de Santa Ana: a square a few blocks from the Parque de Sana Lucia.
  • Calle 64: Mérida’s most colorful and colonial street in the white city.
  • Parque de Santiago: On Tuesdays after 8:00 pm, this place comes alive with music and couples going for a dance.


It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Mérida for the first time or returning to the city to see it again. The white city of Mérida has so many things to offer us, be it its streets, its buildings, and architecture, one of its museums, regional shows, or, of course, the characteristic flavor of a Yucatecan dish. Mérida will always surprise us with its unique charm.




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