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San Juan Market

“Pásele guerito”, How to visit San Juan Market in Mexico City?

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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There are over 300 markets in Mexico City alone. There is one for every taste, for every problem, for every neighborhood and occasion. However, the Mercado de San Juan is unique.

In fact, it is one of the most visited places by chefs and people who are willing to try something out of the ordinary. This market is located near the Historic Center of Mexico City. It has approximately 314 merchants and receives about 2,000 visitors a week.

Here diverse and mythical cuisines intersect, such as pre-Hispanic, oriental, and European, perhaps that is why it is known as “the exotic market of Mexico”. In its aisles you can find everything; from exotic meats such as wild boar, chicatana, scorpion, to vegetables and fruits that nobody knew existed.

Do you want to know the most iconic places in Mexico City?

We’ll take you there

Visiting them is a great way to meet people and learn more about the important role food plays in Mexican culture.


Read on for the whole market experience and enjoy this gastronomic tour with Rutopía!

What are its origin and history?

The San Juan market is paradigmatic. In its beginnings, it functioned as a place for the commercialization of enslaved people, but this is not official information. However, there is a record that its specialization dates back to 1940 when Spanish refugees requested transatlantic merchandise.

By the 1950s, Mr. Ernesto Pugibet, who gave his name to the street where the market is located today, donated the land to create this commercial space. Nowadays, the four markets of the San Juan neighborhood are in this area.


In this context, the San Juan is emblematic and references Mexican cuisine. In its aisles, flooded with colors, smells, and flavors, gastronomic and cultural crossbreeding can be observed. But beyond that, this place holds an impressive range of heritage, which is worth discovering. This market combines tradition, gastronomy, history, and food. As a result, the tourism sector promotes San Juan in the national and international travel industry.

Exotic ingredients at San Juan Market

The San Juan market is an adventure for the senses. Would we eat a scorpion? Or a cockroach?

These are the questions travelers ask themselves as they stroll through the Mercado de San Juan. Among the must-sees at the Mercado de San Juan are scorpions, grasshoppers, snakes, and wild boar meat are some of the exotic products you will find at the Mercado de San Juan.


The products at Mercado de San Juan are a dream. From the butcher’s section, you will find goats, pigs, and hares to exotic animals. There are also colorful towers of fruits and vegetables and fresh seafood of the highest quality, from giant prawns and shellfish to octopus and tuna. Strolling through the market, one can also find stalls selling imported delicacies, such as Italian meats and French cheeses.

To visit,

travelers can take a gastronomic tour and overview Mexican flavors with Rutopia.

Rutopia’s San Juan Market Getaway

Gastronomic tour oaxaca chapulines

For travelers visiting Mexico City, this place is a must-visit. Let’s go into the heart of the Historical Center and discover the gastronomic roots of the capital by visiting the San Juan Market.

In Rutopía, we offer a 3 to 4-hour tour. The tour starts downtown, wherewith an expert guide, we will take the subway to the San Juan Market. We will walk through the market’s aisles and enjoy the different colors and aromas of the place. Accompanied by a guide, travelers will taste exotic fruits, cheeses, jams, coffee, and other delicacies while learning about Mexican gastronomy and the market’s history.

Let’s enjoy with Rutopía a refreshing drink and the tasting of the food offered by the market.



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