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Mazunte Beaches

Mazunte’s beaches (welcome to the shores of the world)

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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With Easter vacations so close, it could be necessary to start planning a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As far as the connection with the ocean is concerned, Rutopia offers a good variety of options to spend these days in one of Mexico’s beaches. From Baja California to the most essential of Oaxaca, we have the perfect sea for every dream; an example of this is Mazunte.

Mazunte is a picturesque little beach town located just half an hour from Puerto Escondido. Here travelers will find a mix of activities related to the absolute splendor of the Pacific.

It is a new tourist destination, with an amazing location where you can reach charming places such as Punta Cometa and Playa Escobilla or even San Agustinillo. Also, the life of its people and the deep blue of its waters has become a must for those seeking warmth and tranquility.


Mexico’s turtles arrive at Mazunte’s beaches

Escobilla is a beach right on the edge of Mazunte, almost in Puerto Escondido. The Escobilla Ecotourism Center has been there for 25 years, where your customers can visit a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of the olive ridley turtle. According to specialists, this spot is one of the most visited by these reptiles.


Although the turtles arrive during the summer, their preservation lasts year long. In spring, summer, and winter, visitors can participate in a night patrol along the beach to take care of and rescue the eggs that appear in the sand.

In addition, although we already know that the turtle is their favorite animal, there are also sightings of birds and many other species.

The edge of the world

Punta Cometa is a small mountain west of Mazunte that allows visitors to have a 180-degree view of the sea. 

In fact, here we can witness how the sun and the sea become one, forming the silhouette of the land. A spectacle that gives the sunsets and sunrises a different meaning and allows us to reflect on time and  on the beauty of nature.


This peninsula is also known as “Cerro Sagrado” (Sacred Hill), and since pre-Hispanic times, it has been considered a place of healing. In fact, the Aztecs built a small wall around it, the remains receive the name “stone corral”. There are also stories about hidden pirate treasures from colonial times.


The beaches of Mazunte in Mexico are a unique experience. This Easter is the perfect excuse to go out and enjoy all that Oaxaca’s beaches have to offer. What better destination than one full of peace, nature, and mesmerizing landscapes? 


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