The wonders of Chunhuhub in Quintana Roo

Portada árbol del chicle chunhuhub

Chunhuhub is a town surrounded by jungle in the center of the state of Quintana Roo, where travelers will meet an ecotourism center called “Kiichpam K’áax”, which is a Mayan family cooperative and with the help of collaborators, committed to the preservation of nature, culture, and wildlife. The name of this community in Mayan “Kiichpam K’áax” […]

Las maravillas de Chunhuhub en Quintana Roo

Portada árbol del chicle chunhuhub

Chunhuhub es un pueblo rodeado de selva en el centro del estado de Quintana Roo, donde los viajeros encontrarán un centro ecoturístico llamado Kichpaam Kaax, que es una cooperativa familiar maya, con la ayuda de colaboradores, comprometida con la preservación de la naturaleza, la cultura y la vida silvestre. El nombre de esta comunidad en maya “Kiichpam […]

Reconoce Tripadvisor a Rutopía en los Travelers’ Choice 2022


Tripadvisor es la plataforma de viajes más grande del mundo. Ayuda a que alrededor de 463 millones de viajeros (mensualmente) hagan de cada viaje su mejor experiencia. Personas de todo el mundo usan este sitio para leer entre más de 859 millones de opiniones de más de 8,6 millones de negocios. Los viajeros eligen esta […]

A dance of loving lights in the middle of the forest: firefly tour


The importance of fireflies goes beyond their nightly spectacle. They play a significant role in the ecosystem and our lives. As viewers, we must recognize their importance and learn to see them without altering their habitat. What are they, and why do they shine? First, we need to understand what fireflies are and how they […]

Nuevo Durango another look at Quintana Roo

Undoubtedly, one of Mexico’s most touristy and famous states is Quintana Roo, places near the northeastern coast such as Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen, among others. Of course, we can’t deny that these places are eye-catching, but what about all the hidden travel destinations in the southern region of Mexico? Nuevo Durango is one […]

Pros of longer vacations: a well-deserved break


Without a doubt, we all enjoy the feeling of longer days, temperature rising, and vacations coming closer, which is a great reason to plan vacations that last longer than a week.  At Rutopía, we are compromised with planning and organizing all our trips so that travelers can live extraordinary and unforgettable experiences in magical destinations surrounded […]

Beaches to visit without sargassum in Mexico

The season begins between April and May and ends until August. During this time, the algae appear on the Mexican Caribbean beaches. Its presence has affected tourism in Holbox or Cozumel and much of the Coast of Quintana Roo. However, there are tourist destinations on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast where visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches without […]

¿Cuáles son las playas sin sargazo en México?

La temporada de sargazo comienza entre los meses de abril o mayo y termina hasta agosto. Durante este tiempo, el alga aparece en las costas de las playas del caribe mexicano y por supuesto su presencia afecta al turismo en zonas como Holbox o Cozumel y gran parte de la costa de Quintana Roo. Sin […]