4 days experience

Ascent to the Mountain and Forest

From $5,669,00 MXN

Price per person.

Ascent to the Mountain and Forest

4 days experience
Tacaná, Chiapas
Price per person from: $16,399,00 MXN
Price per person from: $9,239,00 MXN
Price per person from: $6,859,00 MXN
Price per person from: $5,669,00 MXN

Trip length

4 days

Activity level



4 activities, 9 meals, 3 nights of lodging and transfer

Open since

Opens in 2021


Homestay and camping



price per person from :
$16,399,00 MXN
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What to expect?

In the afternoon, arriving at the airport or the bus station in Tapachula, you will meet José, who will accompany you on the way to his house, Casa José, in the town of Talquián, where the entire Roblero family welcomes you. The next day, you will leave very early in the morning walking towards the volcano and will stop for breakfast in Papales, a small town that is located right between Chiapas and Guatemala. You will continue your ascent to reach the second space and set up camp. They will prepare dinner and eat it right there and finally enjoy a nice bonfire before going to sleep. In the morning the host wakes you up with coffee and bread so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and, again, you will leave walking early to reach the top of the mountain, where you can rest and participate in a ritual of gratitude to the 4 winds. Then, they will begin the descent to arrive once again at Papales where you can taste the food from there, to end with the hosts saying goodbye to take you back to the airport or bus station and wish you a good trip to your next destination.

What's Included?


Ascent to the volcano, forest tour, bonfire in the little town and ritual of the 4 winds


3 local breakfasts, 4 local food, 2 coffee and bread dinners


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Day 1
Arrival in Talquián
You will meet José, who will take you to the community of Telquián, you will camp and have dinner in the company of your host.
Day 2
Ascent to the volcano
You will walk towards the volcano and enjoy a local meal and beautiful landscapes.
Day 3
Arrival at the top of the volcano
Enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the top of the volcano where you will participate in a ritual of gratitude.
Day 4
Tour the cloud forest
Start the tour, if you are lucky you will find Quetzals and some other beautiful birds in the region.

Your Hosts

I am José Alfredo, a descendant of the Mam ethnic group and a native of the mountains. I am part of a group of guides and bird watchers who are passionate about our region. From the age of nine I started to climb the volcano; Today, I am an experienced high mountain guide. I really like nature, and it is my mission to take care of it and protect it. I love receiving travelers in Talquian and teaching them about my culture and the volcano.
About Talquián, Chiapas
Located on the slopes of the Tacaná Volcano is our town Talquian, a quiet community off the beaten track. In the area there is a great variety of climates that go from the tropical heat of the coastal plain to the cold of the high mountains, passing through one of the last mesophilic mountain forests still alive in Mexico. Among these ecosystems the Mam culture lives latent in different villages scattered in the mountains and which you can only access by walking.

Map and meeting point

Once you make your reservation, we will send you personalized recommendations so that you can arrive safely at the meeting point. test

José will be waiting for you at the bus terminal in the center of Tapachula

Recommendations on what to bring

Comfortable clothes
Hiking boots
Light sweater or jacket


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