2 days experience

Night high and day on horseback

From $ 2,668.00 MXN

Price per person.

Night high and day on horseback

2 days experience
Guanajuato, Guanajuato
Price per person from: $ 3,401.00 MXN
Price per person from: $ 2,913.00 MXN
Price per person from: $ 2,554.00 MXN
Price per person from: $ 2,668.00 MXN

Trip length

2 days

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1 activity, 1 night of lodging, 2 meals

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Private room in hostel


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price per person from :
$ 3,401.00 MXN
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What to expect?

Enjoy a night of spectacular views and ride a horse along an ancient path between farms and forests. You will rest in a hostel in the city of Guanajuato that is located in a very unique place. The next day, you will ride a horse around Guanajuato on a tour of ranches and haciendas in the area or along sections of the Antiguo Camino Real, which was the commercial route of ancient Mexicans in pre-Hispanic times. On this tour you will be able to appreciate the natural wealth of the Sierra de Santa Rosa and you will be able to live with the inhabitants of the communities in the area, where you will enjoy delicious local food and learn the environmental conservation tasks they carry out.

What's Included?


Paseo a caballo por la Sierra de Santa Rosa


1 meal and 1 breakfast


You can add an extra to your experience in the customization section of the booking form.


Urban walk, walk to the mining neighborhoods, cultural tour, beekeeping experience, change of accommodation


Day 1
Alleyways and high-rise lodging
Enjoy the city of Guanajuato and rest in an accommodation of height!
lodging house
Day 2
On horseback between farms and roads
Tour the natural surroundings of Guanajuato on horseback.
lodging house
Dante's House Accommodation
Rest at the Hostal Casa de Date, it has themed rooms with regional accents.
lodging house

Your Hosts

We are Antonio and Susana Ojeda, father and daughter, a family motivated by the beauty of our environment and the history of Guanajuato. We want to share with travelers what they would not discover so easily on their own and show them the little-known side of the region. We will welcome you as if we were old friends and we will share with you the places that we like the most and that we have been discovering over the years of exploring the city and its surroundings: old mining roads, nearby hills and the Sierra de Santa Rosa. We are driven by a passion for nature, history and culture. Antonio is an engineer and Susana has an interesting background that mixes history, marketing and tourism.
About Guanajuato
At Cacomixtle Ecoturismo we share actions of environmental conservation and cultural rescue, we seek to interpret the natural environment and generate local economic spillover. Our name was taken from the cacomixtle, a small mammal that lives in the Sierra de Santa Rosa, whose name means “half feline” in Nahuatl. It is smaller than a domestic cat and has a certain resemblance to a puma, but it is closer to a coati, it also has a ringed tail. We are in the city of Guanajuato, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with the appointment of “Historic City of Guanajuato and Adjacent Mines.”

Map and meeting point

Once you make your reservation, we will send you personalized recommendations so that you can arrive safely at the meeting point. test

“Dante’s House Hostel. Callejón de Zaragoza #25, entre Carretera Panorámica y Paseo de la Presa, Col. Paseo de la Presa, Guanajuato.

Recommendations on what to bring

Long and comfortable pants
Comfortable shoes
Reusable water bottle


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