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Travelling to Mexico in December

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Rutopía editorial team
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Still don’t know what to do in December? And you want an experience that will stay in your memories and be full of color?

Mexico is your best option…

December is one of the most awaited seasons by many people in the world because it is a time of traditions, gifts, meals, dinners to travel in the company of family or friends. After the pandemic of covid-19, it is necessary to take a getaway, being able to go on vacation becomes necessary, and it is possible to enjoy them with all the necessary measures to prevent risks.

In Mexico, winter is the perfect season of the year because it has very little chance of rain, the weather is usually cooler, including the Mexican southeast.

Unlike destinations in the rest of the world, the climate and the warmth of the service make the beaches the main attraction of our country, requested by domestic and foreign travelers, who seek a friendlier climate than the extreme cold of the north of the continent.

Celebrations and unique traditions distinguish our destinations, which exclusively take place in different parts of the Mexican Republic where you can appreciate the traditions of each locality, so here are the most important things you should know before choosing your destination.

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Weather in Mexico in December

In the Mexican Republic, temperatures begin to drop with the arrival of autumn, which allows you to enjoy a stay during December. Destinations such as Mexico City and San Cristobal de las Casas are among the most frequented by local and foreign travelers, after the beach destinations.

Once you choose your destination and wish to travel by road you should take precautions when driving, since winter storms cause cloudy dawns and very cool evenings, a situation that can compromise visibility in trucks and cities during the night, during the day the temperature is ideal to enjoy a great ride on your visit to one of our destinations.


Unlike the cities, we can find a warm climate in the southeast of the Republic, where temperatures range from 23 to 27 ºC, specifically in the Yucatan Peninsula, Baja California and central Chiapas, so it is important to wear cool and comfortable clothes and make stops to enjoy a refreshing drink.


The following table shows the weather forecast for the month of December in the sites mentioned above:


As in everything there are some advantages and disadvantages, in this case we will talk about what can happen when traveling outside your city or country of origin.


  • Hospitality, Mexicans like to treat foreigners as if they were their friends or family.
  • Travelers when passing through the Mexican Republic, leave the routine and continuous stress that can cause them work, school or their daily activities, this trip can be in the company of their friends or loved ones, depending on the experience you are looking for.
  • Enjoy new horizons, meet new people, visit places where you are in direct contact with nature, magical towns, museums, historical sites, beaches, fairs, festivals and other destinations.
  • Knowing traditions, customs and typical dishes of each of the places visited.
  • In places with cold weather, the risk of contracting infections and bacteria found in the environment is reduced.
  • You can find handicrafts made by native families, which transcend for generations and the funniest thing is that they have very affordable costs.


  • The main disadvantage tourists have when traveling is that they can get their luggage lost on the way from one place to another which makes their plans that they have an unpleasant time.
  • In some regions, mountainous conditions cause a weak phone and data signal that often prevent the instance of our experiences that we commonly transmit through social networks to share them with our family and friends.
  • The insecurity in highways or localities, unfortunately many of the highways of the Mexican Republic are not in conditions for the transit of cars so if you have not come to travel them an accident can occur.
  • Natural phenomena such as hurricanes, rains, floods and earthquakes that sometimes it is almost impossible to know when they may happen, but you can prevent them by checking the national seismological system.
  • Pollution in the cities or beaches is something that we dislike the most.

Activities and celebrations in December in Mexico

Mexico is characterized for being a land full of festivities, every year numerous religious, civil, cultural and entertainment festivities are celebrated and the month of December is no exception, so before traveling it is important to know about them.  

The posadas:

They are the representative festivities that take place throughout the Mexican Republic and are celebrated 9 days before Christmas, the way in which they are celebrated has been changing over time, adding elements of other religions but have always been characterized by punch, traditional food, baskets of candy and piñatas.

Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe:

In downtown Mexico City and in some states it is one of the largest religious celebrations in Latin America, where thousands of pilgrims gather to the Basilica, in the Zocalo you can appreciate the decorations and lights that adorn the central buildings.


Tizimín Fair:

Takes place in the Yucatan Peninsula, from December 30 to January 19 where the roots and customs in pre-Columbian times are promoted, on December 31 the sidewalks of Yucatan are filled with piñatas and dolls, plus on this date Uxmal and Chichen Itza are full of tourists.


Arrival of the gray whales and whale sharks:

The arrival of the gray whales to the Pacific Coast after traveling 18,000 kilometers from the cold Bering Sea to the waters of northwestern Mexico where they settle for a few months, where they have the conditions for their calves to be born.

Another guest is the whale sharks, this phenomenon occurs from June to December, who also seek the warmth and the vast production of plankton where they can find it.


Sand surfing:

It is an extreme sport but extremely fun, young and old enjoy in the sand dunes in different destinations of the Republic, even international tournaments are held, a sport that just seeing it makes you want to practice.


The night of radishes:

A purely Oaxacan celebration that enchants tourists, where artisans create radishes in different shapes to exhibit and sell them in the Plaza de la Constitución.

“La rama”  (the branch):

On the 24th the girls and boys decorate “la rama” is a piece of tree that they decorate with lanterns, balloons, streamers and spheres, in which they are given money, the branch and burning of the old man is a tradition of Veracruz but has spread to other states including Oaxaca, the old man is represented by a person disguised in old clothes and mask who dances to the rhythm of tropical songs goes from door to door asking for cooperation.

Ritual of “sowing”:

This tradition consists of women leaving the church carrying some corn seeds in their hands, which serves as an omen to know when to sow and if there will be rain.

Chiapas Fair:

The main commercial fair and the most outstanding of the country with thousands of visitors, among the events there are concerts, bullfights, horse races, mechanical games and fireworks.

Santo Tomás de Apóstol Festival:

Festival where the villagers take offerings, incense, candles, liquor and crop seeds to the church to be blessed, then the “amarre” of flowers and palms for the processions takes place.


Would you like to spend Christmas in one of these places enjoying the winter weather?

We hope very soon you can visit our ecotourism map where you can find these and more places to visit in the winter with your partner, family or friends.

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