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Mexican Roads You Must Drive At Least Once In Your Life

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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During our overland journey, views, fields, or communities we pass through are often one of our visual entertainments until we reach our destination. Then, of course, we can constantly find ourselves with beautiful sunsets, fields, and mountains. Still, exceptional Mexican roads also go further and take us to unimaginable heights, landscapes from other planets, and fantastic architecture. It would be best to drive through these roads at least once in your life, yes, always with great caution.

Puebla – Oaxaca (Tehuacán – Cuicatlán)

It goes all through the Tehuacán – Cuicatlán biosphere reserve with valleys full of cacti and multiple mountains in the area. This reserve has been listed since July 2018 by a World Heritage Site.


Mexican Road: The Devil’s Backbone

Impressive views, architecture, and height are the keywords for this Mexican road that crosses the Sierra Madre Occidental. You will be 9842 feet above sea level, and the Baluarte bridge raised more than 1312 feet above the ground, which is the highest suspension bridge in the world. It is a road known for beautiful views and danger, so it is known as the devil’s backbone.


Chiapas (Tapachula – San Cristóbal de las Casas)

The road walks through the jungle’s heart and the archaeological/ancestral side of Chiapas, crossing emblematic placessuch as Chiapa de Corzo, Comalapa, San Cristóbal, and Comitán. And with a little bit of luck, you will have encounters with the local fauna, like a spider monkey, for example.


Chihuahua – Sinaloa (Chihuahua – Mochis)

It crosses the Chihuahua mountains, guided by the blue waters of the El Fuerte River and its fantastic view. On this route, you will find canyons, coniferous forests, and the river. The famous train, El Chepe, which reaches the Sierra Tarahumara, has the same route, but what better way than doing it in your car.


Mexican Road: La Rumorosa

This highway connects the magical town of Tecate with the border city of Mexicali through the Sierra de Juárez. Landscapes of another planet full of rocks make the mountains that the route winds through. One can see wind turbines and the fence that divides Mexico from the United States along the way. Although it has a reputation for being dangerous, recent modifications make it easier to drive, pay attention to the signs, and don’t forget to stop at the viewpoint.




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