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Copalita Archaeology

The secret and mysterious archaeological site of Copalita

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Rutopia has a very popular trip that covers the states of CDMX, Puebla and Oaxaca. On this route it is very easy to find great archaeological sites, for example in CDMX we have the imposing area of Teotihuacan, with its great temples and ceremonial centers. In Puebla there is the great pyramid of Cholula with its subway tunnels. This offer is doubled in Oaxaca, a state that has many archaeological sites built by the cultures that lived there; the Zapotecs, the Mixtecs and the Mazatecs. Here among all the best known pre-Columbian monuments such as Monte Alban there are also some unnoticed gems such as archaeological site of Copalita. 

We are not saying that visiting the most popular archeological sites is bad, but sometimes it is worthwhile to go off the beaten path and discover those hidden places that, although small, have a lot to offer; they have the power to unintentionally show us the most authentic side of the country.

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A little bit about Copalita


snorkel en huatulco

Copalita is actually a river that crosses several areas of Oaxaca, however its main route is in Huatulco. In that sense, this great body of water is perfect for ocean enthusiasts, who like to swim in calm waters above a multitude of fish and other marine wonders.

But beyond the water, Copalita offers all that nature has to offer. For example, bird watching, a common practice in the area. You can also go horseback riding or even rent a boat to spend the day among the hustle and bustle of the animals and the shimmering sky.

As far as archeology is concerned, Copalita is unique. It is the reflection of the architecture and rites of ancient civilizations, such as the Mayas and the Mixtecs. Here you can appreciate a group of amazing buildings as well as the eternal history of the site; its cosmology, gastronomy and culture.

The archaeological site of Copalita


The history of this site goes back thousands of years, it is known that this place was inhabited since 600 B.C. and that after a mysterious abandonment, it was populated again and lived its peak around 1000 A.D.

Therefore, in this archaeological zone you can find temples, places of sacrifices, the traditional court of the Ball Game, among other structures.

On the other hand, the archaeological site of Bocana del Rio Copalita covers an area of 35 hectares, where you can even contemplate a Templo Mayor, and at the time the culture that settled here was essential as far as coastal navigation is concerned. This makes the experience ultimately rare as we can understand the relationship that these pre-Hispanic groups had with the sea.


In summary, Copalita offers a small archaeological zone that we should all get to know.

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