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The luxury of a tailor-made trip

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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We came from a pandemic that paralyzed the world in 2019 and left most people indoors. During that period thousands of trips were cancelled, events were suspended and people had to postpone their outdoor adventures. It was a hard blow for a modern person of the 21st century. Suddenly changed customs, thoughts and ideas, however the desire to know new destinations remained intact, only now more than ever we value the chance to breathe fresh air, to see the stars, to contemplate the horizon. In that sense, tailor-made trips, in which we only need the desire to enjoy and a great itinerary designed from our desires, are more necessary than ever.

What is a tailor-made trip?


After two years of confinement, the borders have opened again and with them the possibility of traveling in a different way. If before we were interested in enclosed places, now we need nature, to walk through a forest and see the trees coppicing. Now, after a pandemic, we have learned the luxury of seeing the stars in the desert and eating fresh food, freshly cooked with ancestral recipes.

These are the tailor-made trips, the possibility of making trips that adapt to our desires. Trips that start, for example, on a beach or in a city and end in a mangrove swamp. A trip that allows us to go to museums to see the culture, but that also lets us be part of it. A trip to experience the destination as a local, with other traditions, other food, etc.

In other words, a journey that lets us live exactly what we want, without more or lessRutopía is a specialist in this. We are able to design the best routes through Mexico, according to the tastes and preferences of our clients and the great biodiversity and cultural offer that exists in this country.

Today in 2022, we are committed to travelers and we are undoubtedly the best sustainable option for those who still want to avoid closed or conglomerate experiences. We offer natural spaces that allow us to reconnect with nature, after so much time and so much confinement.

Which sites do we recommend?

Having said that, here are some examples to help you put together the trip you’ve always wanted to take.

The Lacandones de Nahá, Chiapas.



Chiapas is a place to live unique experiences. In this case, in the small town in the middle of the Lacandon jungle, we have the small town of Nahá. Here live the last inhabitants that gave the place its name. The Lacandon people are one of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, they continue to practice shamanism, wear their traditional clothing and, and they still know the art of crafting weapons such as bows and arrows in a traditional way. Nahá allows us to feel as if we were in primitive times. A real tailor-made trip for people who want to get to know new cultures.

Manialtepec in Oaxaca


Oaxaca has many places to visit. Its beaches have nothing to envy to those of the Yucatan Peninsula. For example, Manialtepec and its lagoon that glows at night as well. In this place you can take nature walks and do bird watching and contemplate the bioluminescence. -Yes, it glows! This is one of the few places in Mexico where this phenomenon occurs.

Holbox in Quintana Roo


Several times it happens that when visiting a beach we do not enjoy the experience completely because of the sargassum. This small brown seaweed with a strange smell indicates changes in temperature and is evidence of climate change. Nevertheless, in the south there are some beaches that usually kept clean. In that sense, we can recommed the small island of Holbox has some of the whitest sand in Mexico. In addition, its diverse system of canals allows kayaking and touring several points of the island connected by water. It is undoubtedly a place for nature lovers and adventurers.


In conclusion, Mexico has sites for all tastes. Large jungles for nature lovers, beautiful beaches for those who like the sea, indigenous communities with their own customs and idiosyncrasies for those who like to learn about new cultures, etc.. And that is what is important in a tailor-made trip. We should not settle for commercial routes that are offered to everyone, but think of something that is designed specifically for us.

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