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Quintana Roo Ecotourism

9 ecotourism attractions in Quintana Roo

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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The splendor that surrounds Quintana Roo is something extraordinary, from its white-sand beaches and turquoise sea to its significant cultural mosaic, biodiversity of flora and fauna, ancestral history, and ecotourism attractions.

Likewise, this paradise on earth holds the history of its Mayan ancestors. Memories that today are visible in its traditions, gastronomy, and archeology. So we can not fail to be amazed when visiting each of the eco-tourism attractions in Quintana Roo. To start this trip, we have a small guide about the must-see sites in this great state.

Climate in Quintana Roo

The state has a warm sub-humid climate, which tends to be quite pleasant. However, it does not hurt to know the hottest and most incredible seasons in this place to know what to pack, wear, and enjoy the trip.

Ecotourism attractions in Quintana Roo: First stop Balam Nah “La Casa Del Jaguar.”

We begin our trip in a splendid place near the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which offers dreamlike sunrises. Balam Nah is also full of nature and biodiversity that will fascinate us.

Activities include swimming in the lagoons and cenotes, bird watching, kayaking (during the rainy season), and camping on the shores of the Ocom Lagoon, where at night, you can enjoy a bonfire while witnessing a tremendous celestial vault.


Nearby is Kantemó, a small corner full of ecotourism attractions in Quintana Roo. This place is famous for the Cave of the Hanging Snakes, home to snakes that hunt bats in flight. An expert will accompany us to visit the cave to experience a unique spectacle.

Likewise, Kantemó is located in a privileged spot in the jungle where various endemic species of birds and reptiles live, next to the beautiful Chichankanab Lagoon. The activities that can be done in addition to those already mentioned are cycling and canoeing tours where you can watch crocodiles in their natural habitat. All this while relaxing in the middle of nature and enjoying dreamlike sunsets.

Punta Allen

Next, we will arrive in Punta Allen, a paradise within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, where you can take a boat tour and swim in its crystal clear waters. All this is surrounded by the incredible biodiversity of the place, with iguanas, coatis, raccoons, birds, and aquatic species.

In addition, this site is home to a warm community of fishermen who will be our guides on this journey through the trails of Sian Ka’an, its archaeological site, and activities such as cycling or kayaking.

Enjoy a boat tour and discover the incredible biodiversity of Punta Allen!

U Belilek

After visiting Punta Allen, we will head to U Belilek, declared a zone of historical and artistic monuments. Here, you will live the Mayans culture’s cultural experiences of the Mayan civilization, all explained by an expert guide. This makes it the perfect place for history lovers.

Other activities at U Belilek include learning traditional medicine or cotton spinning and Mayan ceremonies.

Puerto Morelos

Then towards the south of Mexico, a small town called Puerto Morelos is a vibrant paradise between two major tourist destinations: Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Due to its authenticity, calm, and turquoise waters, this charming fishing village is the perfect place for those looking for peace on a little-known beach.

Spend a super relaxing day in the beautiful waters of Puerto Morelos!

In addition to being a perfect place to relax, Puerto Morelos has an incredible coral reef that runs along the coast, protecting it from the impact of the waves. Likewise, this reef is the most beautiful and best-preserved in the Riviera Maya and the second largest in the world after the Australian Barrier Reef.

Playa del Carmen

Next is Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Mayan Riviera, where families can enjoy the turquoise sea and calm waves of the Caribbean. Also, visit the archaeological site, taste typical dishes, learn scuba diving, and even explore the area with short trips.

Moreover, Rutopia offers a series of unique activities such as hiking through Chemuyil, biking in the jungle ruins of Cobá,  or diving in the Two Eyes cenote.


Continuing is Ta’Akbil-Ja, a beautiful place that offers an authentic contact experience with nature. In addition, you can enjoy the canals and aquifers and a great variety of ecotourism attractions such as rappelling 30 meters from one of the most beautiful cenotes, hiking, observation of endemic flora, and fauna.

Rappel to one of the most beautiful cenotes in Quintana Roo.

El Corchal

El Corchal is the entrance to a magical world full of trees covered with orchids, bromeliads, and ferns. These can be discovered through activities such as ATV rides, hiking, kayaking through the cork islets, etc.

Holbox Island

Finally, we ended our trip in Holbox, an island with spectacular turquoise waters, white sand, and a calm sea, where families can contemplate some of the best sunsets and sunrises in the Caribbean.

Rutopia recommends bike or horseback tours in front of the sea and mangrove tours by kayak to see the crocodiles in their natural habitat and at night to enjoy the bioluminescence of the sea.

A trip through Quintana Roo will always be full of adventure, unforgettable memories, dazzling landscapes, life, culture, and nature.

So tell us if you liked this guide or have already decided to visit Quintana Roo.


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