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Four most iconic pieces in Frida Kahlo Museum, The Blue House

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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The Blue House is the ideal place to appreciate the most intimate universe of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.  There she was born, lived, worked, fell in love, forgave and even hated Diego Rivera. Today this typical Coyoacan mansion is also one of the most visited museums in Mexico City, along with the National Museum of Anthropology and the Tamayo Museum.

Every object inside the Casa Azul conveys the purest essence of Frida. Here you can breathe the bohemian atmosphere of the first years of Mexico’s 20th century; clay floors, traditional kitchen -with everything and clay dishes- paintings, pre-Columbian sculptures (that belonged to Rivera’s private collection), photographs, books and even the night and day bed where the artist spent a good part of the day.

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To walk through this space with its blue façade is to walk through history. It seems that in every corner there is something to see, a small detail that allows us to penetrate into the tormented universe of the painter. Walking over her joys and turbulences will help us to understand our own life. In honor of this, we have selected four fundamental pieces exhibited in this space that are essential to understanding Frida Kahlo.


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Viva la Vida

We begin with one of Frida Kahlo’s most recognized works, the painting Viva la vida signed a few days before her death. It is a colorful and optimistic work, two characteristics that she herself always valued, although her physical pains sometimes did not allow her to do so.  Beyond watermelons, what we can see here is on the one hand a tribute to the roots of Mexico and on the other hand it is a strange way to say goodbye to life since commonly, on the Day of the Dead, watermelons are usually linked to skeletons.


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Frida’s toy collection

Another detail not to be missed is the toy showcase located in Frida’s room. It is a treasure in which you can contemplate the details of Frida’s childhood as well as her desire to have a child. A miniature world, made by Mexican artisans, which was part of her poetics. Behind the glass there is a tea set, sewing machines, lamps, quinqués, irons, casseroles, rag dolls, boxes, palm and clay figures, among many others.


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The Enchanted Garden in the Blue House

Surrounded by electric blue walls accompanied by the green color of the trees and plants living in it, the garden of Frida’s house is full of life. Here there is a large group of trees and flowers that decorate the landscape, a fountain made of different materials, stone walls and even what looks like a pyramid in the center.  There are also folk art decorations, shells and vases on the walls, pre-Hispanic sculptures, a stepped pyramid, a fountain, as well as a great variety of cactus and other Mexican plants that distinguish their work.


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Collection of Pre-Hispanic Pieces

It is important to highlight that Diego Rivera loved pre-Columbian art, a proof of this is the collection of pre-Hispanic pieces distributed throughout the gardens and the interior of the Casa Azul. There are beads hanging on the walls, plants and looms. And if you love pre-Hispanic art, you can see more at the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo House-Studio Museum.


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