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Oaxaca Chocolate Breakfast

In Oaxaca they eat chocolate for breakfast (and we love it)

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Among the millions of reasons to visit Mexico, the food is one of the most important. Oaxaca has been a state highly recognized for its distinctive flavor, making its gastronomy one of the world’s favorites. But although we are always amazed by its variety of moles, we must not forget about its drinks. To wake up in a good mood you only need the beauty of Oaxaca and a cup of hot chocolate accompanied by a traditional freshly baked bread.


Chocolate has its origins in pre-Hispanic cultures. According to legend, the god Quetzalcoatl gave the cocoa tree as a gift to mankind. Mexico is the eighth largest producer of chocolate in the world, and Oaxaca is one of the main states that produce it. It is such an important product that it is what gives the black mole its distinctive flavor. 

Creation process

The first step in making chocolate is to wash and dry the cocoa beans and then roast them. After they are allowed to cool, the shells are removed. The next part of the process is to grind the cocoa. There are two ways to grind it: the traditional way is in a stone metate with cinnamon, or in a grinder. Finally, the sugar is added and the cocoa is ground again, shaped, and left to cool until it has a solid consistency.


Once we have our chocolate bars or spheres, the drink can be made with water or milk. Let it boil well to make it easier to dissolve. The trick to making foamy chocolate is to beat it with a grinder in the way they prepare it in a special way in Oaxaca. While the most popular drink is chocolate, either water or milk chocolate, this is not the only chocolate-based drink this state offers.

How to drink it

In order to enjoy chocolate as it should be enjoyed, we recommend eating it with a traditional Oaxacan egg or butter bread. Although chocolate is an unmissable delicacy, travelers less experienced with Oaxacan flavors may resent it after several days. The secret to avoiding this is to drink a cup of atole after drinking chocolate.

It is not a good trip to Oaxaca without a cup of hot chocolate

Other types of chocolate drinks in Oaxaca

Tejate, known as the drink of the gods, is a cold drink made from corn, cocoa, mamey seeds, and cocoa flower that only grows in this state. In pre-Hispanic times it had a ceremonial use and was exclusively for royalty. 


The perfect mix of chocolate and atole in Oaxaca is called champurrado. This drink is a combination of corn atole, chocolate, and cinnamon. This drink is served at important events such as town festivals, and weddings, among others.

Oaxaca’s chocolate is one of the most exquisite drinks in all of Mexico. Some of the restaurants in the city, instead of coffee, serve chocolate to accompany breakfast. For those with a sweet tooth, this drink will undoubtedly become a favorite.

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