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Blue Mushroom Forest

Get lost in the forest of blue mushrooms

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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The blue mushroom forest located in Cuernavaca, is the perfect place to lose yourself for a while from the noise of the city and connect with nature. The main idea of this place is to recover the knowledge and culture of the region, generating initiatives for environmental care, for the conservation of the forest. 

Why the blue mushroom forest? This place has a great variety of plants and animals, but what is most abundant are the mushrooms. Here you will be able to collect mushrooms and also learn about them, their sizes, colors and functions. 


The blue mushroom forest is in the hands of the guides of a community of Santa María Ahuacatitlán, they are in charge of taking care and preserving the wonders that this forest offers. 


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The importance of fungi in nature

Did you know that fungi are one of the main decomposers of organic matter? Fungi are dedicated to decomposing waste and they also make sure that the nutrients in the waste are available to other organisms.


Importance of fungi for humans

Mushrooms can produce antibiotics, and fight different infections, currently there are different researches to find remedies for diseases such as cancer with the help of mushrooms. 

Fungi are also essential to help prepare certain foods and beverages. Fungi create yeast which is an important point in the fermentation process for the production of wine, bread, beer and more. 



Would you like to learn more about mushrooms? Visit the blue mushroom forest. 

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