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The Ultimate Guide to Visit Mexico City

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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It is a challenge to write a guide to visit Mexico City; however, here I leave you everything I would have liked to know when I came to live in the Mexican capital.

If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that you will never get bored of it.

Travel requirements and restrictions

Traveling to Mexico is relatively easy, as the country has adopted no restrictions for visitors entering the country by air. You do not need to take a PCR test 24 hours before your flight, nor do you need to present your vaccination card. You will only need to fill out a form during your flight, which the airline will provide you with.

If you are traveling for less than 180 days, a VISA is also not required.

What to do in Mexico City

Museums and galleries

Did you know that Mexico City is the second city with the most museums globally?

In this guide to visit Mexico City, I share a TOP 15 museums in Mexico City with you.

  1. Museo Nacional de Antropología
  2. Museo Nacional de Historia “Castillo de Chapultepec”
  3. Museo Soumaya
  4. Museo Jumex
  5. Museo Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso
  6. Museo Anahuacalli
  7. La Casa Azul – Museo Frida Kahlo
  8. Museo Dolores Olmedo
  9. Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil
  10. Museo Memoria y Tolerancia
  11. Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo
  12. Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL)
  13. Museo de Arte Popular
  14. Museo Franz Mayer
  15. Museo del Templo Mayor


Parque México

If dogs are your thing, don’t hesitate to go. It’s incredible to see all those dogs from the capital gathered in one place, a park where they can run and play freely, including splashing in the fountains. Parque Mexico is ideal for enjoying an afternoon with family, friends, or as a couple, with an ice cream in hand.

Bosque de Chapultepec

Best known as the green lung of Mexico City, the Chapultepec Forest is located on the emblematic avenue of Paseo de la Reforma. Comprised of 678 hectares, it has become one of the largest urban green spaces in the world. In addition, it has two lakes, a botanical garden, and the National History Museum “Castillo de Chapultepec.” In the latter, a spectacular view awaits you.

Section II is pet-friendly, so picnics with dogs are a prevalent activity there.

Lago de Chapultepec – México Desconocido
Museo Nacional de Historia Castillo de Chapultepec – Food and Travel

Parque La Mexicana

This new lung for the city is born among corporate skyscrapers, right in the center of the most modern district. Built under strict sustainability criteria, today Santa Fe has an incredible park. Here you will find sports, cultural and children’s areas, and a designated space for dogs. In addition, you won’t want to miss the excellent gastronomic offer. From early in the morning, the breakfasts never stop, and the toasts are never lacking at night.

Parque La Mexicana – La Vicenta


Mercado de San Juan

In this guide to visit Mexico City, the San Juan market is a must. Delve into the heart of the Historic Downtown and discover the gastronomic roots of the capital by visiting the Mercado de San Juan, where renowned chefs and locals search for the best quality products of the city. However, it is also famous for having a great variety of exotic products, from scorpions to lion meat.

Mercado de San Juan has its roots in the 19th century and remains one of the best places to buy high-end ingredients in the city.

At Rutopía, we offer a 3 to 4-hour tour, in which you will walk through the aisles of the market, enjoying the different colors and aromas of the place. With a guide, you will taste exotic fruits, cheeses, jams, coffee, among other delicacies, while learning about Mexican gastronomy and the market’s history. The tour continues through San Juan to experience the daily life of the Mexicans while still enjoying the most traditional food such as pulque, tacos, and a seafood tostada.

Planning to visit Mexico City? Tell us your trip ideas and we will design a unique a smooth trip for you and your family.

Mercado de Jamaica

Located southeast of the Historic Center of Mexico City, it is one of the city’s most traditional and picturesque markets. The Mercado de Jamaica is distinguished by the sale of flowers, with more than 1,100 stalls selling ornamental plants, floral arrangements, flowers, and pots.

You can find more than 5,000 varieties of plants and flowers and an extensive selection of fruits and vegetables.

Mercado de Jamaica on October – Kari_Pentax

La Lagunilla (Antiques Market)

Sundays are market days in the city, and La Lagunilla is one of our favorites. So if you are a treasure hunter, this is where to start your search.

North of the Historical Center, a large group of collectors, students, low-cost fashion enthusiasts, and tourists visit this street market, hoping to find some “little jewel.” From furniture, records, books, accessories, clothes, tableware, or some artifact you never knew existed.

La Lagunilla – Hello DF


Be amazed by the pre-Hispanic beauty of the chinampas in Xochimilco. Did you know that the chinampa is the most efficient and sustainable agricultural system in the world?

One of the most emblematic areas of Mexico City: the canals of Xochimilco, whose name in Nahuatl means “Place of Flowers” and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

La Lagunilla – Hello DF


Be amazed by the pre-Hispanic beauty of the chinampas in Xochimilco. Did you know that the chinampa is the most efficient and sustainable agricultural system in the world?

One of the most emblematic areas of Mexico City: the canals of Xochimilco, whose name in Nahuatl means “Place of Flowers” and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

Canales de Xochimilco – Animal Gourmet
rajineras de Xochimilco

Lucha libre

One of the most traditional sports in Mexico and an experience you must live. Between a lot of drama and acrobatics, wrestling has become a nightly spectacle, famous for its fun atmosphere and sometimes a little wild.

Arena Mexico is THE place. Not for nothing is it known as the Cathedral of Lucha Libre.

If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to check out the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre – it’s like a wrestling bible!

Lucha libre – Hostal Mundo Joven

What and where to eat in Mexico City

A good meal can brighten up a bad day or keep us in a good mood 24/7. As they say, “good food, good mood.”

Did you know that in Mexico City we have eight restaurants that are on the “The Best Restaurants” list?

What I like most about Mexico City is its gastronomy. I swear the offer is endless. And to not only share with you a massive list of restaurants that I like, I decided to divide them into occasions of consumption, according to their menu and the ambiance of the place.

Breakfast, bread, and coffee

  • Café Nin
  • Panadería Rosetta
  • Niddo
  • Lalo!
  • El Cardenal (prueba la concha con nata)
  • Delirio
  • Café Milou
  • Catamundi
Rosetta guaba roll – The Happening
Niddo – Coolhunter

Vegetarian / vegan

  • La Pitahaya vegana
  • Plantasia
  • Forever vegano
  • Por siempre vegana taquería
  • Fat Vegan
La Pitahaya Vegana
Por siempre Vegana taquería – Time Out

Seafood that makes you feel like you’re on the coast

  • Contramar
  • Mi compa chava
  • Con vista al mar
  • La Docena
  • Mariscos Don Vergas

For good cuts

  • Pradera
  • Mochomos
  • Cuerno
  • Sylvestre
  • Sonora Grill
Cuerno Masaryk – Food & Pleasure

Cozy dinners

  • Casa Virginia
  • Lardo
  • Felix (mis pizzas favoritas)
  • Madre Café
  • Havre 77
  • Hugo
  • Milk
Havre 77 – Dónde ir
Madre Café – MXCity

In Mexico, tacos are eaten all the time

  • El Parnita
  • El Huequito
  • Taquería Orinoco
  • Chetito
  • El Vilcito

I recommend watching the documentary series “Las crónicas del taco” on Netflix.

– Los Muertos Crew
El Parnita – MXCity

The not-to-be-missed at lunchtime

  • Los Danzantes
  • Azul Histórico
  • Restaurante Rosetta
  • Terraza Cha Cha Chá
  • Sud 777
  • Carmela y Sal
  • Parcela
  • Salón Ríos
  • La Zaranda
  • Broka
Terraza Cha Cha Chá – Chilango
Rosetta restaurant – Food and Travel

Be careful!

As I’m sure you know, chile is one of our main ingredients for cooking. And our scale of how spicy a dish is or isn’t is based on “almost nothing, a little bit, more or less, not so much or a lot”. The truth is that its super relative, so don’t be overconfident; try sauces first and ask for spicy ingredients to be set aside as much as possible.

Say yes to everything except tap water, and watch out for ice cubes if you’re eating out. But don’t just try the delicious aguas frescas either; be sure to drink them in a more formal establishment.

How to get around

Public transportation

The Metro and Metrobus are the perfect combination for mobility in Mexico City. It is really easy to use, and for only 15 pesos, you can purchase your card where you can recharge up to $99. This system is one of the cheapest since a trip costs $5.

It is also important to know that exclusive cars are for women and children under 12 years old. So that you have them well located, they are the ones up to the front.

Check this map for a better location

Alternative service applications to Taxi

Sadly, insecurity in Mexico continues to be an issue. So avoid taking risks and play it safe. Don’t take a Taxi on the street; better use apps like Uber, Cabify, or Beat.

Mexico City Neighborhoods


Disconnect from the city and tour this famous and picturesque neighborhood. If you are interested in visiting it with a guide, Rutopía can help you. With us, you will take an hour and a half walk, starting at the Parish and Former Convent of San Juan Bautista, where you can admire the beauty of its interior and learn a little of its history.

Afterward, you can stroll through the main square of Coyoacán to enjoy a delicious ice cream or some churros. You will continue to the San Jacinto square, which is characterized by its variety of handicrafts and paintings; the perfect place to chat.

And your tour would not be complete without a visit to the Casa Azul, a beautiful residence where the artist Frida Kahlo spent most of her life. It is currently a museum that displays her most popular collections, such as “Viva la Vida” and pieces by her greatest love, Diego Rivera.

Remember that you can also find the Cineteca Nacional, the Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum, and the Dolores Olmedo Museum in this area.

La Casa Azul – Hugo Brauer
Coyoacán – Airbnb

Roma and Condesa

Over time it has become one of the favorites of locals and national and foreign tourists. Many of the restaurants I recommended are located in this area, and there is a new place to try on every corner. On Álvaro Obregón Avenue, you can find everything, whether a morning coffee or a refreshing beer in the evening. Walk among beautiful French-style houses and leafy trees on Orizaba, Tonalá, and Colima streets. Keep your eyes peeled to distinguish the different styles where art nouveau is predominant.

Roma and Condesa – City Express
Roma and Condesa – Bridges & Balloons


Considered the neighborhood with the best location in the capital, Polanco is determined by large avenues.  Among them are Reforma, Ejército Nacional, Mariano Escobedo and Presidente Masaryk, which crosses the entire area. The latter is famous for its renowned stores and infinite gastronomic offer. Thanks to its art galleries, museums, and bookstores, Polanco has become an important business center.

Remember that the museums located around here are the Museo Soumaya, Museo Jumex, Museo Nacional de Antropología, and Museo Nacional de Historia “Castillo de Chapultepec”. Don’t forget to have lunch in Polanquito and walk in Lincoln Park. By the way, if you need to buy something, at Antara Fashion Hall, you will find it for sure.

Polanco – MXCity
Masaryk – Grupo ARCA

Historic Downtown

I recommend one of our favorite tours, where you can explore on foot the historic center of the Mexican capital, considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, to learn about the city’s history, its architecture, and delicious cuisine.

Traveling to Mexico City? At Rutopia a local travel specialist will create with you your perfect vacations. Save time and see a side most people miss. Request your trip now now.

You will visit the impressive Palacio de Bellas Artes, symbol of Porfirio Díaz’s government, the pedestrian street of Madero and the Plaza de la Constitución, better known as Zócalo. It is one of the largest squares in the world and is home to important historical buildings and monuments, such as the Catedral Metropolitana, the archaeological site of the Templo Mayor, and the National Palace.

You will make different stops during the tour to taste some local gastronomy. You can try the famous tacos al pastor, huitlacoche quesadillas, and Oaxacan tamales, and finish with a traditional dessert or some delicious churros. The gastronomy of the streets of the Aztec capital is so varied that it is very flexible. Your guide can adapt to your tastes and interests. Taste the best street food in the city while discovering the history and vibrant atmosphere of Mexico City’s historic center.

Suppose you decide to tour it on your own. In that case, you can add a visit to the Monument to the Revolution, climb the Torre Latino observation deck, take a tour of the MUNAL, Museo Franz Mayer, or the Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia.

Historic Downtown – Viator
Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México – Rincones de México

Zona Rosa

A neighborhood full of parties that in the early ’50s became famous for being the favorite place for musicians, artists, bohemians, and intellectuals. All its splendor can be seen at sunset. The atmosphere of the Zona Rosa is unique, as it has an exceptional nightlife offer, mainly dedicated to the LGBTTTIQ+ community.

The city that never sleeps

From dinner, to drinks and from there to dancing.

Here are my favorite bars and clubs:

  • Downtown Mexico Rooftop Bar
  • Limantour Liquor Store
  • Waikiki Tiki Room
  • Hotel Casa Awolly
  • Xaman Bar
  • Gin Gin
  • Handshake
  • Casa Franca
Casa Franca – Food & Pleasure
Xaman Bar – Coolhunter
  • Looloo Studio
  • Toledo Rooftop
  • Bar Oriente
  • Supra
Toledo Rooftop
Looloo Studio – Trend México

And where they are sure to cure your hangover is at La Casa de Toño and Taqueria El Califa. Experts in reviving you 🙂

The best time to travel

What is the weather like in Mexico City?

No matter what month you come, Mexico City always welcomes you with open arms and is full of life.

In spring, the streets turn purple because of the enormous jacaranda trees. September is our patriotic month, so get ready for partying. October and November are the months dedicated to those who have passed away. And amidst lots of cempasúchil, papel picado, ofrendas and hundreds of catrinas, the incredible Desfile Internacional de Día de Muertos begins.

Jacarandas – Forbes
Desfile Internacional de Día de Muertos – Ara Díaz

Although the weather is sometimes crazy with its abrupt changes, it’s never too hot or too cold. But a light sweater in your backpack never hurts, and if you visit the capital between May and October, bring a raincoat.

Here are the monthly temperatures this year to give you an idea:

MonthMaximum / Minimum (ºF)
January71.6º / 41º
February75.2º / 42.8º
March78.8º / 46.4º
April80.6º / 50º
May80.6º / 53.6º
June78.8º / 55.4º
July75.2º / 53.6º
August77º / 53.6º
September75.2º / 53.6º
October75.2º / 50º
November73.4º / 44.6º
December73.4º / 42.8º

Travel apps and websites


The day-to-day life of Mexico City is in this application. From the weather and the epidemiological traffic light; to the nearest Ecobici stations and all the information you need to know about the Metro and Metrobus.


If you need something but don’t want to go out on the street, Rappi brings it to your door.


Nowadays, meeting people online is no longer a new thing, and Bumble allows you to make friends, meet locals and live like a real local.


If you are looking for authentic experiences and are off the beaten path, Rutopía is your best option. Don’t hesitate to write to us through our website.

Last things you need to know

Here are my last tips:

  • First, if you need to make a call, the code is +52.
  • Avoid public transportation during rush hours (7:00 – 9:30 and 16:00 – 20:00).
  • In restaurants, always leave a tip between 10% and 15%.
  • Choose comfortable shoes and do not stop walking. Walking is when this great city surprises you the most.
  • Nowadays, we all call Mexico City CDMX (cedemex).

And finally, enjoy! Have an open mind to see everything, taste everything, and experience the capital’s culture in the flesh.

Ángel de la Independencia – City Express
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