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Ideas for a luxury trip to the south of Mexico

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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At Rutopía the meaning of the word luxury is very broad. For us, exclusivity is defined by three criteria: tailor-made travel, authentic experiences, and comfort. In other words, a luxury trip means an escape to paradise for a few days.

With this in mind, it is correct to say that a luxury trip is one in which you can design your itinerary, know in depth those places that define the essence of what Mexico is, not have a single setback and why not stay in some of the jewels of accommodation, particularly in the south of our country, in Quintana Roo and Yucatan.

You deserve the chance to make the most of your vacations and that is why we have selected some activities that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest and two accommodations that stand out not only for their architecture and comfort but also for representing in each room the great culture of these states.

A trip whit luxury experiences

Temazcal: a rebirthing experience

Enjoy a Temazcal, an ancient Mexican ritual, like a sweat lodge. A rebirthing and spiritual experience that travelers can live at night. Thus we have sites dedicated to reconnection through traditional techniques and architectural forms such as the Temazcal that take us back to the earliest and purest purpose-built structures.


 Do you want to live a luxury experience?

Ride a bicycle through the jungle or explore the city

Get in touch with nature on your next break. It’s possible to rent bicycles and cycle through the jungle at the archeological site of Coba. Also, a bicycle can be your best ally in Tulum and an awesome way to explore the beautiful downtown. 


Chichén Itzá, Yucatán

Visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World, this is a sight not to be missed. Note Chichen Itza is located about 2 hours from Tulum.



Sian Ka’an Muyil

Can nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts find luxury on a trip to Tulum? The answer is yes. For the nature lovers, we offer you to visit Sian Kaan, a beautiful natural reserve where we will find wild. Also, travelers can visit the secluded ruins of Muyil, walk a secret path to enjoy the landscape, and float through the river of Sian Ka’an.



Two luxury and exclusive accommodations

Azulik Eco Resort, Quintana Roo

Azulik stands out for its architectural beauty. It is a real tree house that makes us reconnect with nature and be part of it at the same time. In addition, its proposal is not only interesting for its architecture, but also for its natural and technology-free concept. Contrary to popular belief, dispensing with technology does not take away any comfort and adds a plus to the experience.

Our entire stay is a love letter to the Mayan culture, as we are also blessed by local shamans upon arrival. During this luxury trip, travelers can enjoy all activities, such as yoga or meditation, which allow us to relax and enjoy the place. But the most magical experience occurs at night, as candles illuminate the place. If you prefer something bigger, there are also outdoor bonfires to enjoy a night full of stars.

The Azulik experience goes beyond being close to the beautiful beaches of Quintana Roo. A few minutes’ drive takes us to the internationally famous Tulum Archaeological Zone. Here we find the best-preserved buildings of all that was the Mayan splendor during its most ancient times. A little farther away you can also enjoy the reserve at Sian ka’an.



Chablé Resort, Yucatán

With many awards and prizes, we continue with Chablé, Yucatán. Is located in the heart of the Maya world, in fact, the site was built on an old hacienda. Although it is not near the coast, the cult and love of water does not disappear. All around are sacred cenotes to continue enjoying the aquatic experience. Moreover, the gastronomic experience allows for a balanced and healthy meal. Finally, the facilities allow you to practice everything from golf and yoga to natural apiculture.

The hotel’s comfort, privacy, luxury, and sustainable style have positioned it as one of the best in the world. It is no surprise that it is also one of the most popular and famous hotels in the area. If in Azulik we felt protected by the gentle lullaby of the sea, in Chablé the tranquility of the trees and the sounds of the jungle take us to a state of incredible relaxation.

A little less than an hour away is the state capital. From there the activities multiply exponentially. The capital connects with all the most important points of the state, such as the magical towns, more archaeological zones, and with a little more time, with the other side of the sea of the peninsula.



Tulum is great for rest and rejuvenation, and photos, but there is plenty to do for those who enjoy having a full itinerary! So what to do in Tulum, Mexico, during a luxury trip? Below we listed a few recommendations.


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