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Spiritual trips to find yourself in Mexico

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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There is a new way of traveling, emphasizing spiritual awakening and finding oneself. Indeed, Mexico is full of beautiful places that offer the opportunity to explore this country and the possibility to find our inner selves.

On these trips, people seek a practice of wellness, not only through contact with nature but also through transformative experiences.

Regarding wellness tourism, it is worth taking into consideration the words of Andrea De La Holz, a specialist on the subject, for whom a trip of this kind should include the following: “elements of lifestyle, physical and mental elements, spiritual and relationships with oneself, others and the environment.

In this sense, Mexico is the ideal destination for spiritual trips to find yourself and a truly transformative journey thanks to its natural spaces, ancestral practices, and the knowledge that communities have preserved over time.

Do we want to embark on a journey that will change our lives? Then, with Rutopía, we can go to these spiritual sites and recharge our batteries.

Having said all of the above, we have selected some destinations surrounded by peace and away from the noise. Places that offer activities to connect with the body and mind.

Pre-Hispanic rituals for healing body and soul

Firstly, through the Lacandon Jungle, we can experience a traditional ceremony immersed in this ecosystem. Here we will meet Don Antonio Chankin, one of the oldest Lacandones of Nahá and the community’s spiritual leader. Between songs and the smell of copal, he will allow us to be part of a ceremony to Hach Akium, god of the Lacandon Maya.

Rituals in San Juan Chamula

Another alternative is the traditional rituals of San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, which is one of those rituals done to cleanse the soul or spirit. In this ritual, the Chamulas mix Catholicism with old Mayan practices. In addition, it takes place inside the most eclectic churches in Mexico.

Temazcal, a sacred space

The temazcal is a sacred as well as a medicinal space. It consists of steam baths in the middle of nature, which begin with a ritual that prepares our body and mind to enter a state of relaxation.

Hence, the temazcal brings all the wisdom of pre-Hispanic times, its healing and therapeutic benefits. This practice survived over time, and different communities practiced it.

Immerse yourself in hot springs to find yourself

Hot springs are known for their sacred and magical properties and their healing or curative effects and therapeutic action. For that reason, people usually frequent these sites to treat skin conditions, muscular or inflammatory injuries, etc. In Mexico, there are many places to live this experience; some of them are Chiapas, Hidalgo, and Oaxaca.

Fill yourself with energy in paradise

This activity takes place in the community of Chunhuhub, where our local guide will take us to a mystical experience where we can connect with the Ya’ax ché tree. An organism venerated and sacred by various pre-Hispanic cultures in Mesoamerica, with attributes ranging from cosmological to medicinal.

Escape to one of these destinations and disconnect from the material to connect with the spiritual.

Spiritual trips to find yourself doing yoga on the beaches of Mazunte

In Mazunte, we can find yoga retreats along with spiritual retreats. Practicing yoga here is a wonderful way to combine physical exercise with consciousness, strengthening your mind and body—a noble practice of loving and being loved.

Massages to be reborn in Cobá

Coba is one of the most impressive Mayan archaeological sites in our country. Nearby is a traditional healing center where we can receive massages with local honey. Also, Mayan medicine treatments and a rebirth bath.

Wings, Songs, and Colors: Bird watching

Bird watching is a practice that allows us to connect with the environment in natural spaces. Mexico has ideal conditions for this practice, thanks to the great variety of species within its natural areas. Birdwatching can be a beneficial practice both physically and psychologically; in addition, birdsong and other sounds of nature have health and wellness benefits.

Traditional medicine for spiritual trips to find yourself

One of the most ancestral customs and with more history in the country is traditional medicine. An experience that we can live in the Taselotzin Ecotourism Center, where the practice of traditional medicine is still rooted. The Hotel Taselotzin, located in the municipality of Cuetzalan, in the Sierra Norte of the state of Puebla, where indigenous women called Masehual Siuamej Mosenyolchicauani operated by a cooperative.

Disconnect to reconnect at Azulik

Last but not least, Azulik is one of the star hotels in Tulum and never ceases to amaze us since its construction focuses on the importance of reconnecting with oneself and always respecting the environment. Besides being immersed in its peculiar biomorphic architecture, which will leave us breathless.

Escape from everyday life and find our inner voice, our purpose? No problem for Rutopia’s travel experts. Tell us which wellness destination you want to visit?

We know tourist destinations that will serve us to live spiritual trips to find ourselves while enjoying Mexico. So, let’s take a break and dedicate a few days or weeks to connect, grow and recharge our energy. Also, let’s start planning our trip and enjoy all the destinations and experiences for our well-being.

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