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San José del Pacífico

San José del Pacífico: forest, sea, mushrooms and thousands of clouds

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Imagine taking a walk in the clouds. Climb to the top of a mountain and let the mist enter our pores and our lungs fill with green and then see the ocean in the distance and feel the salt. It is not a dream, it is San Jose del Pacifico, one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Mexico.

It is a little town that is a jewel located in the southwest of the state of Oaxaca, and it is also a must-stop for those who have decided to drive from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido and take one of the most beautiful -and challenging- roads that exist in this country. One of those roads where the forest and the sea meet. 

San José del Pacífico has less than a thousand people, most of whom are descendants of the Zapotec people. This great cultural richness allows visitors to live an eclectic experience – mushrooms, fog, and sea in the background – in the middle of the thickest nature.


History of mushrooms in San José del Pacífico

San José del Pacífico is a perfect little town for those travelers looking for tranquility, disconnection, and introspection in the middle of nature. Here, the clouds cling to the treetops and grow different types of mushrooms down on the ground.

On the one hand, grow those members of the fungi kingdom that are classified as “psychotropic.” These species have been used by the Zapotecs of the region to generate self-discovery sessions. Here among the fog, there is a type of fungus known as derrumbe that became famous among the hippies in the 60s.

But in addition to these species, it should be noted that the cloud forests of the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca are also home to edible mushrooms that are part of the culture and ancestral gastronomy of Mexico. Around San José del Pacífico, more than 16 varieties have been registered that can be used for cooking (and preparing moles) and that in onions have medicinal benefits.

In Rutopia there is the possibility to go on forest tours to collect and harvest edible mushrooms with experienced guides.


Hiking in the clouds

In San Jose del Pacifico, any hiking route is an opportunity to enjoy an immersion in the vegetation of the cool mountains of the Oaxacan Sierra.

It seems that here in every corner, there is a small viewpoint from which you can contemplate the beauty of the Sierra. Its dense forest is imposing; it is enveloped in a magical atmosphere with the song of hundreds of birds and low clouds that submerge us in a dream without beginning or end.

The trails are numerous, and the cabins and ecotourism projects are of high quality and offer various activities. Therefore, spending several days in this bubble is recommended to appreciate all its assets.



In San José del Pacífico, there are several types of mushrooms, many of which are edible. It is important to share the indigenous communities’ knowledge about these organisms for the environment and the culture. Surrounded by trees and clouds, San José del Pacífico is mind-blowing!


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