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Some museums in Mexico that everyone should know

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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The museums in Mexico are in themselves a true (and majestic) history class. Each cultural precinct in this country is a living legacy of what we were, and of the diverse architectural currents that have marked the facades of hundreds of buildings, precincts and temples. Constructions that house, in a singular way, artistic works, key moments and the essence of what we are.

In that sense, if you really want to get to know Mexico, it is necessary to visit the museums throughout the country. These spaces are important because, among other things, they allow us to recognize what is not seen with the naked eye.

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Museums in Mexico

The offer is infinite, there are so many museums in the country that sometimes it is difficult to know which ones will be necessary in our trip.  It is estimated that there are at least 1,250 museums scattered throughout the country.

That is why it is impossible to cover all the states of the Republic, and in this article we will focus on three that can be visited by the hand of Rutopía and that give us a brief (and absolutely necessary) tour of what this country is.

Chapultepec Castle

Mexico City 


The Chapultepec Castle History Museum covers several important moments. From the Viceroyalty to the 20th century. This space was the site of important episodes such as Mexico’s Independence or the Second Mexican Empire. In the modern era, several presidents used it as a home before the construction of the presidential house.

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Regional Museum of the Mexican Revolution



The Mexican Revolution was the milestone that marked the history of the Mexico we know today. And it cannot be forgotten that it was the first social movement of its kind in Latin America.

This place, also known as the House of the Serdán brothers, saw the birth of this important historical process right there on a street in Puebla. Therefore, it is important to visit it to understand how democracy was founded in this country, besides its facade, full of bullets is impressive.

Museum of Cultures



This former convent located in Oaxaca is the missing piece to complete our timeline. In this precinct is covered, with paintings, textiles and a collection of ornaments that are not only the time of the best known pre-Hispanic peoples, but also of those who have disappeared. It is not a history of centuries, but of millennia.

The site also houses images of contemporary Mexico. Especially of the indigenous peoples of the region.


Undoubtedly, museums offer a unique perspective. Thanks to them one can learn about the past and understand the present. On another occasion we will talk about museums dedicated only to art, or animals, or universal history.

With Rutopía you can get to know the history of Mexico through its museums.

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