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CDMX airport: How early should I arrive?

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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With the vast number of people traveling by plane worldwide, it stands to reason that one airport isn’t enough for all the passengers it receives every day. A clear example is Los Angeles, which has seven air terminals, or New York, which has three airports to reduce the number of visitors per year.  The same situation that the CDMX airport is going through.

The AICM (CDMX International Airport) receives 36 million passengers between national and international flights a year. And is more than can receive; strategies have been implemented to reduce these numbers, from expansions of the AICM to the recent opening of the AIFA.

CDMX International Airport (AICM)

It began its operations in 1928 under the name “Central Air Port of CDMX” in 1952, President Miguel Alemán inaugurated Terminal 1. 51 years later, and due to the growth it had, In 2003, it announced the expansion and remodeling of Terminal 1, and construction began on Terminal 2, which reopened in 2008.


How many destinations does the AICM have?

With 28 airlines that go from national destinations worldwide, the “Benito Juárez” International CDMX Airport has 109 destinations that make up 25 countries.

Toluca International Airport (AIT)

With the second-longest runway in Mexico and 25 minutes from Santa Fe is the Adolfo Lopez Mateos airport, Toluca air terminal, and the direct support of the AICM. It can receive 6.4 million people a year, and due to its use, it hasn’t received expansions, although it has the territory to do so.


What kind of flights does the AIT have?

Due to the low demand, this air terminal’s flights have reduced significantly to cargo operations and very few commercial flights. Only two airlines offer trips to Querétaro, Cancún, and Monterrey.

Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA): the new CDMX Airport

The newly opened Santa Lucía airport is, among other things, the largest airport in the country. It has the best technologies on the landing strips. Currently, it can receive 20 million people a year, and by 2050, its expansion is expected to end, increasing these figures at least threefold.


How many destinations does the AIFA have?

It’s essential to mention that there are only four airlines, six national destinations, and one international. Therefore, the logical thing is that more destinations and airlines will arrive with the passing of a few months.

What time should I be at the airport?

Mexico recommends arriving 2 hours before domestic flights. Something to keep in mind is that airlines recommend arriving 45 minutes before domestic flights. While for international flights, the rule is to arrive at least 3 hours before.

If you don’t arrive on time, the airline has the right to accept passengers who are on the waiting list. And with this, they have the permission to deny you access without compensation.


Now you know the CDMX airports and their boarding rules, you are ready to visit any part of Mexico. 


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