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Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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These natural wonders have become a great attraction for tourists because you can swim or snorkel in crystal clear waters, in the southeast of the country, mainly in Quintana Roo you can visit different types of cenotes, what we recommend is to make your visits with guides. After all, it can be a little complicated to get to them. One of the guided options we offer is Bejil A; a group of young entrepreneurs who provide the best tours to the cenotes here; we will show you the best cenotes near Tulum.

The cenotes are spring water deposits located in geological depressions; these bodies of water were sacred sites for the Maya. They were considered symbols of life and death and believed to be the entrance to the underworld; the word cenote comes from the Mayan “dzonot”, which means cavern with water. 







Blue Cenote

It is located in the Bacalar lagoon. It is the ideal place to dive into deep waters. The Blue Cenote is the largest in our country with 200 meters long and 90 meters deep. Although it receives the name blue by the turquoise and bluish waters, it is an open cenote that causes little vertigo when you see the depth. You can not miss this natural wonder!






Cenote Negro

Also known as cenote de la bruja, it is one of the smallest in the Bacalar area; you can dive in this place, but we recommend you to go with a guide, there you will find rock formations and small canyons. Here we offer you a sailing excursion to visit the Bacalar lagoon where you can find the black cenote, the birds island, and the pirates channel; this experience you can find in The Sailing Colibri – Bacalar.





Cenote Calavera

This place is a semi-open cenote, located 4 kilometers from the archaeological zone of Tulum, which is perfect for a refreshing swim, a curious fact is that many divers do their cave diving certifications here. This body of water is located inside the jungle, called “Calavera” (skull), because when you are inside it, it forms two eyes and a mouth when you look up. 





Dos Ojos

To the north of Tulum is Dos Ojos, with an extension of more than 80 kilometers, a cenote with several caves filled with clear turquoise waters, here you can observe some marine species and even bats. In this place, you can do activities such as diving and snorkeling to observe the rock formations and even find fossils that formed millions of years ago; besides having an area with hammocks to relax and enjoy the view of the jungle.




Zacil Ha 

It is located on the federal highway 8 kilometers from Tulum, this aquatic wonder has a depth of 2 meters in the areas to swim but can reach up to 35 meters deep between the caverns and caves, in it you can observe different species of fish, Zacil Ha means “Water Flower” its crystalline and turquoise waters will captivate you and you can take the best pictures underwater.







Jardín de Edén

It is one of the most giant open cenotes in Tulum because of its crystalline waters. Therefore, you will have extreme visibility and be able to observe the rock formations. This place has a platform to jump and a diving area located inside a cave, but if you prefer to snorkel in the main area. We recommend you to take an underwater camera so you can take pictures underwater.






Cenote Cristalino 

This cenote is very close to Cenote Azul and Jardin de Eden. We recommend you to take a tour of cenotes so you can appreciate the differences between each one. For example, a lot of vegetation surrounds cenote Cristalino. In it, you can see the roots of trees and huge rocks, for those who are more adventurous, this formation has a platform to jump, do not worry, the depth is 6 meters.






Want to visit these cenotes? At Rutopía a local travel specialist will create with you your perfect vacation. Save time and get to know the best cenotes in a unique way. Request your trip here

Here are some recommendations for you to enjoy these natural wonders to the fullest:


  • Carry insect repellent. We recommend using a spray, it is more effective, or you can buy anti-mosquito bracelets; this will prevent insects from biting you and enjoy your trip.
  • Use a sunscreen that is safe to protect and not deteriorate flora and fauna of the cenotes; you must follow the instructions of each place you visit. In many pharmacies and establishments, you can find biodegradable sunscreen.
  • Bring your snorkeling equipment or you can rent it in some of these places.
  • If you bring food, don’t forget to pick up the garbage, it is essential to preserve these natural wonders.
  • Enjoy!






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