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Chunhuhub Jungle

Venture into the jungle and be amazed by the great gum tree in Chunhuhub

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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You will start the tour through the lush jungle with the grandfather and local guide of the community of Chunhuhub.

Gradually you will immerse yourself in the dense Mayan jungle where you will discover how the ancestors found their food, water and shelter until you reach an area of lush chicozapote trees over 50 years old, the tree from which “chicle” is extracted. At this point, you will learn about the process to obtain the “chicle” from the Chicozapote tree. To carry out this activity, the chicleros make cracks (which do not damage the tree), in a kind of zig zag, then the sap runs down the trunk into a container. This mixture is put on the fire to generate a gum that is then left to dry. The extraction happens during the rainy season, so if it is the dry season, you will see a demonstration of the activity. In both cases, you will learn how the Mayans used the tools given to them by Mother Earth to carry out all these processes in their daily life.

You will have the opportunity to taste the organic gum produced by the grandparents of the community. Enjoy this experience in Chunhuhub.

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