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Corn Gods Workshop

Learn everything there is behind corn, the food of the gods in Yaxunah.

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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A guide from the community of Yaxunah will introduce himself to you and accompany you to live this experience. Yaxunah in Mayan, which means “the first house”, is surrounded by cornfields and dense vegetation. It seems that this situation already existed in ancient Maya times since Yaxunah was an important center for the cultivation of corn, the sacred food of the gods. For the Mayans, the milpa was like their home, as they had to ask permission to enter. Your guide, along with the inhabitants of the community, will show you in a couple of hours the production process of this important ingredient. Here you will learn about the tasks of cleaning, planting, and harvesting, as well as taste the beverages that can be prepared with corn, like potzoles, pinoles, nixtamal, and atoles.

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