Chapultepec Castle

Something about Chapultepec Castle (the only one in Mexico)

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Chapultepec Castle is a grandiose construction, which began its transformation into the first National Museum by orders of President Guadalupe Victoria. Imagine all the history that this place has, being considered the monument with more history of the Mexican country.

For four hours, you will walk through the halls and rooms of this castle, which houses a large collection of murals, photographs, documents, jewelry, clothing, furniture, among many other objects that show important parts of the history of Mexico, and that you will learn from the hand of your guide.

The museum halls

As you walk through the rooms, you will learn about everyday life, as well as the social, religious and political characteristics of those times, which shaped the different periods that the country lived through, such as the Conquest, the Viceroyalty, Independence, Reforms and the Mexican Revolution.

This, together with the beautiful view you will have of the extensive forest from the Castle, and the explanation you will receive about how it is formed, will make your visit full of learning.

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