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Why travel?

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Moving to new places is a popularly suggested remedy to make someone change or look at things differently. That’s why they say that the same person doesn’t come back after a trip.

The peripatetic school (Greek for walk), founded by Aristotle, followed this principle; the tradition was that students would discuss philosophical topics with their teacher while taking a walk in the garden. They believed that the movement of their ideas benefited as they moved. Travel or even the action of walking provokes new stimuli: that we begin to know other things and that we relate differently to the world because we get out of the habit and get to improvise.

Travelling is not synonymous with seeking comfort, but to challenge your gaze, to unaccustom your body and mind, almost as if we were resetting the last routines we have imposed on ourselves—no matter for how long—while we get to know other ways of living.

To achieve this and because of the need to help other realities outside our own, there is Rutopia


This is a double need:

  1. A) That of the communities: to share their ancestral cultures, their natural space full of origin and develop as our teachers in exchange for a payment that helps them to improve their economic conditions to also preserve their place.
  3. B) That of the travelers: to get away from their daily life while visiting different places, to revaluate what exists far from them, to learn from people and to get involved with nature.

What is travelwithout moving? Moving in times of SARS-COV 2

No one was prepared to live through a pandemic. If we were to motivate the consequences of making a journey from within our homes, we could move our inner selves seeking understanding of ourselves and other realities. Today we can continue to change even though the ride is limited because we are still on the move. You who have stayed at home also begin to inhabit your space differently even if it is the same. The opportunities are different for now, but they do not invite immobility but to be more active in spirit and consciousness about ourselves and others.

Keep supporting our communities that are not excluded from this crisis, from empathy. You can continue to seek to dislocate yourself even being in the middle of four walls and generate all those connections that the moment they become physical again, will bring us closer together. We will be able to go to the towns, valleys, jungles and forests of our country; to cook with Doña Juana instruction and learn Señor Pepe’ trade.

From empathy it deal with you because the new thing to know in the midst of this pandemic is yourself. Don’t forget that Rutopia travers is still on the move as well, going through this pandemic hand in hand with you and making a circle with the communities that give life to this country.



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