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Ultimate Guide to Travel Mexico with Children

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Why Mexico Is Great to Travel with Kids?


When it comes to traveling with kids, Mexico is one of the most child-friendly countries in the world to do so. The culture is extremely family-oriented, and people will almost always embrace your children. Additionally, other attractions are geared toward families. It is a city where art, history, and Mexican tradition can all be appreciated in equal measure through museums, theatres, and public parks. There is undoubtedly something for everyone at this establishment. Mexico’s sights, noises, and colors delight children, and Mexicans adore children, who permeate almost every area of life here. There are several family-friendly activities and entertainment for children of all ages, and with very few instances, children are welcome in all hotels and nearly every café or restaurant.

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Is Mexico Good for Children?

Mexico is a child-friendly destination. Family is central to daily life, and children are often welcomed with open arms. Children are accommodated in museums, parks, theatres, and restaurants through reduced entrance and tour costs, kid-focused activities, and even restaurant play areas.

Additionally, hotels and resorts frequently provide complimentary or discounted stays for kids; many even have “kids clubs” to engage children of all ages. Further, public transit is sometimes discounted or free for youngsters who are little enough to ride on your lap. Of course, travelling to Mexico with children has certain obstacles. City sidewalks are sometimes small and uneven, making strollers difficult to manage. Metro stations, which sometimes lack elevators, can also be difficult to navigate with strollers.

Mexico offers an abundance of child-friendly hotels and activities that you will be at a loss for where to begin. To assist you in planning your family vacation, here are a few suggestions for things to not miss during your stay in Mexico.

Many Attractions That Are Fun for Children

There are several incredible Mexican sights to discover during your visit! Finding family-friendly activities in Mexico is simple! Mexico is a country rich in history and culture. Combine this with incredible natural beauty and hospitable people, and you have the makings of a fantastic Mexico family holiday. There are so many enjoyable activities to do in Mexico with children.

Your kids will enjoy riding horses on the beaches or in the bush. Adolescents will be enthralled as they visit Mayan sites and swim in cenotes, and infants and toddlers will adore playing on Mexico’s gorgeous beaches. There are several unique Mexican attractions to see the next time you visit this lovely nation.


Mexico is well-known for its low living costs and affordable food, but unlike other nations, price tags are cut throughout the year for fantastic savings! These are the most significant times to start stocking up on various commodities, including food, clothes, and home goods. Whether you’re relocating to Mexico and need to equip a house, or you’re on vacation and seeking a unique bottle of mezcal, you can take advantage of shopping discounts about everything from wines to appliances.

Challenges Like Sidewalks

In Mexico, sidewalks are not required to adhere to any set standard. Uniformity doesn’t exist since the contractor primarily on the project is often free to create anything he wants. This contrasts with the United States, where the Federal Highway Administration regulates sidewalk building. Mexico may learn a thing or two from its neighbors to the north. It’s so awful in certain areas of Baja Sur that strolling down the street appears to be the safest option. However, data indicate that Mexico’s roads are likewise unfriendly to walkers. As a result, when travelling to Mexico, one should consider safety extremely seriously.

Spectacular Wildlife

Mexico is home to a diverse array of mammal and bird species. Most of the creatures are critically endangered, and the country is a biodiversity hotspot. Mexico is a wild country, brimming with beautiful insectivorous migrations; not forget wonderful nature sanctuaries where tourists may observe a diverse array of indigenous flora and animals. If you’re an animals and environment enthusiast, you’re bound to appreciate Mexico’s incredible biodiversity. It is among the top five countries for biological richness, and as a result, there are numerous possibilities for wildlife encounters.

Markets Are Great Places

Mexico City’s markets are vital. Mexico’s traditional marketplaces are the most significant locations to dine. These enchanted locations provide flavors, smells, and foods uniquely distinctive of the country’s several regions. They have a specific something about them. Perhaps it is the open construction, which enables the odors to circulate freely. Alternatively, the visual saturation is created by the infinite stacks of vibrant veggies. They lack the closeness of a fine dining establishment but balance with the warm sensation associated with eating at home.

 Best Places to Go and Activities to See

 Riviera Maya

With white sand beaches & blue oceans, the Riviera Maya is a no-brainer for just a family trip. The Riviera Maya is well-known for its large-scale all-inclusive resorts, a historical tourist foundation of smaller boutique hotels, and the numerous fine-dining establishments located beside the Fed 307 and on or near the beaches.

  • Sian Kaan Channel Floating

If that seems like your sort of adventure, you’re going to like the gorgeous Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, located south of Mexico. What makes this trip so unique is that you will get to float through an old Maya trading route used to exchange food and merchandise. According to our boat skipper Jess, the Mayas would trade from neighbouring Mayan towns – even as far as Guatemala and Belize. Dolphins & sea turtles, crocodiles, and even dolphins are frequently sighted.

  • Chemuyil Biking and Cenotes

What better way to become acquainted with Chemuyil than by bike? The following are the most incredible spots in Chemuyil for bike excursions: Bejil-Ha Riviera Maya, Kai Experiences, and Akumal grin tours. It’s the ultimate local experience, including trips to cenotes hidden in the bush that are inaccessible on your own. Each cenote is unique, and you’ll feel perfect about the individual attention and assistance you’re providing to people who are passionate about their natural environment. Plan to spend the day smiling and marveling.


  • Snorkeling In Puerto Morelos

The Puerto Morelos Reef is a component of the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the world’s second-biggest reef system, which runs down Mexico’s coast. Due to the area’s status as a nature reserve, vibrant corals and abundant marine life are assured. Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos allows you to view thriving ecosystems that are home to a variety of soft and hard coral species, as well as a variety of critters ranging from little sea slugs to rays and, if you’re lucky lemon sharks.


Around Mérida

Mérida is in the Yucatán Peninsula’s core. Mexico City is an ideal site to expose children to Mexican culture, a dynamic city with an abundant cultural environment – museums are abounding, free daily concerts and shows, and plazas that come up in the nights and weekends.


  • Yellow city of Izamal

Izamal, the yellow city in the region of Yucatan, is a Magical Town that you will not want to leave. It was one of the Mayans’ most prominent cities and is regarded as one of the first. Because the city is entirely painted yellow, it exudes an aura of artistic refinement. The design and style of the building, residences, and streets harken back to the colonial era’s beauty, and each step will transport you back in time, if you want to stay in this amazing place, click here.

  • Montejo Avenue

Paseo de Montejo is a boulevard in Merida that links the Santa Ana district in the city’s core with the start of the motorway to Progreso Port. The avenue is critical to the city’s daily life since it is home to several banking, museums, restaurants, and government buildings. Mérida, like other Mexican towns, has a vibrant cultural history, which is expressed in the design of its plazas and numerous structures. This is especially evident at Mérida’s Paseo de Montejo.

  • Valladolid 

Valladolid’s historic center, located on the Pisuerga River, contains an impressive collection of Renaissance architecture, including residences, palaces, and symbolic structures. Due to its role as a university town, the city maintains an active cultural calendar, hosting events.

Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is a veritable mix of sights and activities. As a mega-metropolis, it boasts an abundance of parkland and plazas, museum and historical sites, and many restaurants and taco vendors. The capital city keeps youngsters entertained with a world-class aquarium, an interactive children’s museum, a first-rate zoo, specialized children’s shows and activities, and spacious parks and plazas.

  • Trajineras In Xochimilco

Xochimilco is a must-see attraction in Mexico City. The Floating Gardens are enormously popular with visitors and residents alike and for a good cause! The Xochimilco canals are primarily a destination—a Weekend escape, an afloat carnival of trajineras, a picnic, and the New World’s Venice. The chinampas there are a World Heritage Site but are still in use for farming.

Baja California

Baja Peninsula, Mexico’s 775-mile-long peninsula, attracts vacationers seeking their desert piece of an adventurous paradise. From surf to bike riding to beach relaxing, here’s how to do it correctly and get off the main road. The middle of nowhere is more lovely than you anticipated, and the people are pleasant, easygoing, and helpful. Side roads swirl drunkenly through little settlements and along the mountain cliffs.

  • Sand Surfing

Sandboarding has grown in popularity in Baja, California, and Mexicali dunes are a primary cause since they provide ideal conditions for this activity to flourish. Outside of the water, adventure abounds. For instance, a popular pastime is sandboarding, which involves riding on a board down dunes. The most fantastic location is El Mogote, which is about 20 minutes outside of the city. From there, you may participate in a fun activity while taking in the most incredible views of the city and breathtaking sunsets.


  • Whale Watching

Each year, hundreds of grey whales congregate in the coastal lagoons of Baja California and California Sur to give birth to their babies. The waters surrounding the Mexican peninsula is home to an abundance of animals, including blue whales. Visitors enter the lagoons in tiny fishing boats and experience the gentle giants up close regularly. Nothing compares to kissing a young grey whale inside the wild from the panga.


Planning to visit the Riviera Maya, Baja California, or Mexico City? Tell us your trip ideas

and we will design a unique and smooth trip for you and your family.


Best Time to Visit Mexico with Children

The most significant time to visit Mexico is between December and April — these are the months when the cactus state is warm and dry—looking for a calmer moment to avoid the crowds? May and June are ideal months for you. Mexico vacations offer many activities, from touring ancient Mayan sites and diving in world-famous cenotes to partying on the beach with spring breakers. While the winter is the most incredible time to come, learn about hurricane season and what to do while you’re there. The winter months attract the bulk of the 40 million visitors that visit Mexico each year. The seaside towns are pleasant and dry, enticing planeloads of holidaymakers fleeing the northern cold.

  • October To May for The Dry Season

Mexico has two different seasons due to its location on the Tropic of Cancer: the rainy season, which runs from May to October, and the dry season, which runs from November to April. The rainy season brings high humidity and downpours, which are not ideal conditions for beach relaxation. During the latter part of the rainy season – June to November – Yucatan’s east side might be exposed to cyclones.

Some Things to Take into Account

  • Road Distances Can Be Huge

Travel, in short, manageable pieces of no more than a couple hours at a time. Numerous Mexican buses broadcast continuous movies; most of them are family-friendly and therefore can help divert children’s attention away from an otherwise boring ride. Consider spending on premium buses if you’re travelling with a baby or child for the added room and comfort. Rental cars or, on some lines, flying are viable alternatives to buses. If you want a vehicle equipped with a kid safety seat, the leading international rental companies are the most dependable sources. If you’re going to go by public transport, you must anticipate some lengthy rides. Internal flights may be profitable in terms of time and stress savings.


  • Children Can Enter with Their Parent’s Passports.

Children under the age of 18 may enter the country using their passports or the passport of a travelling parent. There is one exception: if neither parent is present, they will want written approval from the absent parent.


  • Mexican Food Can Be Very Spicy.

While many Mexican foods are not particularly spicy on their own, they are frequently accompanied by scorching salsas, which might be a problem for children who are not accustomed to them. Additionally, be cautious of sweets made with tamarind or mango; these are frequently laden with chiles. Tortillas and tacos are excellent choices for picky eaters, while egg dishes, avocados, and fresh fruit are plentiful.


  • Small Seaside Villages Can Be as Enjoyable as Large Family Resorts.

There are several family-friendly hotels along Riviera Maya. They’re a fantastic option if you want some relaxation while the kids participate in organized activities), but if you’re going to mingle with the locals, Tulum and Puerto Rico Vallarta on the Pacific Coast are enjoyable places to stay.


  • Lunch Is the Main Meal of The Day.

Numerous restaurants provide a comida corrida (in more upscale establishments, the menu del da or menu Turistico), which typically consists of three or four dishes for about US$5–8. A traditional Comida begins with soup, then a rice dish or plate of pasta, beans, or guacamole, followed by a meat or fish main course and fruit, or rice pudding. Restaurants, overall, embrace youngsters and are willing to modify dishes to appeal to less experimental palates.

 General Travel Advice When Travelling with Children

With a bit of study and expertise, you can guarantee that you are fully prepared for any family trip to Mexico. Here are a few tips and methods to ensure that your holiday works well.


  • Pack Light.

One does not need to bring many toiletries, food, or similar goods to Mexico, as all of these products can be purchased upon arrival at a local grocery. For extremely young children and infants, you may buy diapers, wet wipes, and other necessities upon landing; thus, pack only a tiny amount to be last until you land safely. Utilize hotel laundry facilities, which frequently charge a small price and are well for it if you want to avoid bragging about large suitcases holding your and your family’s complete clothing.

Keep an eye out for pickpockets, especially in crowded situations. Cash and critical papers should be stored in a secure, hidden location.

  • Bring Mosquito Spray

As with any trip to a different nation, consult your physician before departure to determine whether vaccines or medications are required. Bring enough mosquito repellent with you as well to avoid the irritation of itching insect bites during your trip.

  • Enjoy The Water

Mexico’s beautiful, lovely beaches and clear water may make it seem like the ideal honeymoon destination, but it also has a lot to offer families of all ages and interests.



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