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Tacaná Volcano

Sleeping on the slopes of the amazing Tacaná Volcano (southernmost point of Mexico)

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Mexico has a large number of mountains, mountain ranges, and volcanoes. There are volcanic systems throughout all of the Mexican territories. Their main characteristic is that they are aligned. There are six principal mountain systems with approximately two thousand volcanoes, although only forty-two are recognized. One of them is the Tacaná volcano in southern Mexico.

The most famous volcanoes are located in western and central Mexico, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl near Puebla. On the other hand, the volcanoes in the north and south of the country act as Mexico’s natural barriers.


The Sierra Madre de Chiapas begins in the limits of Oaxaca and runs through the south of Chiapas until it reaches the limits with Guatemala. The Tacaná Volcano is the most important of this mountain range and is located right on the border. Its name is of Mam origin and means house of fire. It is the eighth-highest volcano in Mexico and the second highest in Guatemala. 

Tacaná Volcano Biosphere Reserve

The Tacaná volcano is within the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor and has been part of the world network of Biosphere Reserves since 2003. The volcano’s zone has different ecosystems: the high jungle, pine forest, and cloud forest. The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas maintains actions and programs for its preservation.

This reserve is home to many endemic species in the region. Its flora mainly includes orchids. At the same time, its representative fauna is the ocelot and quetzals. The Tacaná volcano’s water basins are significant for agriculture in Chiapas and Guatemala. Especially for the cultivation of coffee and cocoa beans.


Tacaná Volcano, the southernmost volcano in Mexico

Tacaná is a stratovolcano, which means that its lava is very viscous. In the event of an eruption, it cools and hardens before it reaches far. Its last recorded activity was in 1986. In 2010 a snowfall dressed the volcano’s slopes in white in both countries. 


The Tacana with Rutopia

It is an ideal place for people who enjoy mountaineering. The Tacaná volcano has well-marked trails, and you can go bird-watching. During Easter, visitors from various Latin American countries gather at its summit to celebrate the Southeast Mountaineering Confraternity. 

At the foot of the Tacaná volcano is the Talquian village where your host, José Alfredo, awaits you. During this experience, you will sleep camping on the volcano’s slopes, where you can enjoy a campfire. If you decide to do mountaineering along the ascent, you will be able to camp in mountain refuges. Since this practice is physically demanding, it is recommended for people in good physical condition. 


Tacaná is not a conventional tourist destination. And that is why it is the perfect finish to our tour of Chiapas. Discover more of Mexico’s nature by visiting Natural Protected Areas such as this magnificent volcano.



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