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El Cuyo Sunrises

Sunrises from El Cuyo, a hidden corner in the Yucatan Peninsula

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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How about escaping together to cabins on El Cuyo beach in the Yucatan Peninsula? Hidden between an immense sea and an incredible pink lagoon, El Cuyo is a dream destination and a little place where travelers can relax and unwind. This little town offers a unique experience, but let’s continue getting to know this beautiful place.


Formerly the area was a lumber port dedicated to agriculture, Palo de Tinte, and chicle. El Cuyo is a small fishing village, part of the municipality of Tizimín, and is located in the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. Upon arrival, we are greeted by a lagoon that gives us beautiful postcards with the sighting of flamingos between January and September. It is also home to turtles that lay their eggs there, countless birds, and about two thousand inhabitants that preserve the authenticity of the place.

Why visit El Cuyo in Yucatan Peninsula?

El Cuyo is such a special place because you feel enveloped in a natural environment with miles of white beaches and turquoise waters upon arrival. Its location makes the sunrises and sunsets on the beach breathtaking. Besides the beaches of El Cuyo, the colorful houses and restaurants offer a welcome and genuinely tranquil getaway.

Things to do in El Cuyo, Yucatan Peninsula

Relax on the Beach


Strolling along the beach in El Cuyo is a peaceful and relaxing activity. The beaches are usually empty, and it’s as if we have the whole sea, sunrise, and sunset to ourselves. We can also observe and live with the anglers of this charming town, who will be our hosts to get to know El Cuyo in depth.

Tour El Cuyo by golf car and observe the urban art


We recommend renting a golf cart to see every corner to know this picturesque port. As we mentioned before, this beautiful port is charming and colorful. During our visit, we can observe the great paintings found on the walls of the streets.

Visit the lighthouse of El Cuyo Yucatan Peninsula


This lighthouse is built on the remains of old Mayan ruins. To access this lighthouse and visit its viewpoint, we must ask permission. To get it, we have to go to the Cuyo office in the center and ask for it, and they will give us a key so we can enter.

Flamingo and Turtle Sightings


One of its main attractions is the sighting of flamingos. More than 20,000 pink flamingos arrive in this region from January to September to reproduce. This natural sanctuary is also home to the sea turtle, which visits this port between June and August.

Kitesurfing or Paddleboarding

One of the activities that attract both domestic and foreign tourists is kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is a great activity for adventurous travelers in El Cuyo. Here are some kitesurfing lessons offered from the beach.


El Cuyo is the perfect place to learn paddleboarding. First discovered by kitesurfers looking for calm waters, this town offers a safe environment to try water sports. So we paddle along the coast in the early morning and maybe see manta rays and dolphins.

What to do in the surrounding area?

During a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, visit Holbox, which has some of the most beautiful turquoise beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. Another option is to go to Valladolid or visit Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, etc., since the proximity to these destinations is very close to El Cuyo and, to cool off, visit a cenote and swim in crystal clear waters.

Visiting Las Coloradas


Las Coloradas is just under 2 hours from El Cuyo, but it is definitely worth the trip. Here a local guide will take us into a protected area and explain the history of the salt factory and what makes the lakes naturally pink. The vast salt evaporation ponds for the extraction of sea salt show unique colors due to microorganisms.

Visit Ria Lagartos


Ria Lagartos Nature Reserve is about an hour and a half drive from El Cuyo. However, it is famous among birdwatchers. Nature photographers will be able to capture pictures of flamingos and crocodiles. There are 395 different species of birds in the reserve and 58 mammals. Among them are the spider monkey, the jaguar, and the anteater.

Tips for visiting El Cuyo, Yucatan Peninsula

To make this trip perfect and enjoy it to the fullest, here are some recommendations:

  • There are no ATMs or banks, and most establishments are cash only.
  • Only small pharmacies operate.
  • The internet connection is good. However, it can fail.



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