A Taste of Honey and Coconut… a beautiful eco-tour in Yucatan.

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Rutopía editorial team
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There are many unique places and experiences in Mexico, from the beautiful beaches in Baja California to the other end of the country with the Eco-Tour Sabor a Miel y Coco (A Taste of Honey and Coconut) in Yucatana biocultural heritage full of smells, flavors, and textures that awaken each of our senses.

With Rutopía, we can experience a tour of Co’ox Mayab, where we will learn about the production of honey, the different species in the region, and the importance of bees to the environment.

And of course, this is not the only thing this tour offers. We can also discover the mangroves by boat in San Crisanto, or appreciate the diversity and richness of flora and fauna of the place. We can also taste the famous Huevos Motuleños in the local market of Doña Evelia and then a day at sea, accompanied by a coconut.

If we want to make a tailor-made itinerary with other activities, Rutopia has many projects starring guardians of nature, which can be visited throughout Mexico. Beautiful sites that fight to keep their culture and the natural environment alive.

Here are some initiatives in Yucatan that we can support through a trip.

Co’ox Mayab

Co’ox Mayab, “Vamos al Mayab,” emerged in 2015 as a union of cooperative societies distributed throughout Yucatan. People in this project are committed to sustainability, responsible, supportive, fair, and conscious tourism.

At Co’ox Mayab, travelers can get a clearer idea of how the Mayas of the 21st-century living. Activities such as zip-lining, hiking, beekeeping, traditional gastronomy workshops, boating, and swimming in cenotes, among many other things, take place here.

A Taste of Honey and Coconut: Eco-Tour in Yucatan

In the eco-tour Sabor a Miel y coco (Taste of Honey and Coconut), we will learn about Yucatecan beekeeping from the voices and knowledge of our local guides.

Here the tour begins in Sinanché and its beekeeping, and then we head to San Crisanto, a coastal community with boat tours. Finally, the short trip ends in Sac-Há, a beach surrounded by coconut palms and white sand.

The beekeeping project in Sinanche

In Sinanche, we start our journey and learn about beekeeping. First, we will visit various themed huts to learn about the history of the place, the origin of beekeeping, and the importance of the melipona bees.

We will also visit a meliponarium and participate in a honey tasting, to taste different varieties according to the type of pollinated plant.

For the more adventurous, the cooperative offers the option of putting on a beekeeper’s suit and visiting the beehives. It is a unique experience to interact with the bees, observe their organization, and work respectfully and without harming them.

We will also be able to make our candles with natural wax derived from honey.

The salt mines of San Crisanto

After cultural learning of the bees, the proposal is to continue in San Crisanto – a small coastal town whose main economic activity is producing and purchasing salt, making it an authentic tropical paradise.

Here we will navigate among the mangrove channels, appreciating flora and fauna essential to preserving the coasts. We will also learn about the salt extraction process and visit the coconut plantation. We will also participate in jewelry and coconut cooking workshops with local guides.

At night visitors can stay in one of the beautiful seaside cabins or camp under a starry sky while enjoying the warm breeze from Sac-Há beach.

Dress up in Yucatan with designs by local artisans in Tekit.

Another possibility this great itinerary offers is to visit Tekit, a small Yucatecan town famous for its great artisans making typical regional costumes. Here we will spend a day full of Mayan culture.

We will visit local bakeries where we will enjoy, taste, and elaborate on different types of bread during the visit. Afterward, we will see the Mayan solar, where Ana, our hostess, will explain to us the work of the melipona bee. In the place, we will have a tasting of a great variety of honey and a workshop on medicinal plants.

Finally, we will visit the guayabera factories and learn about their production. To finish the tour, we will go to the archaeological zone of Mayapan, one of the last capitals of the pre-Hispanic Maya era.

Here we can also refresh ourselves in the crystalline waters of the X’Pakay cenote. And then visit the main church or buy typical Yucatecan clothing in the many stores surrounding the village.

n Yucatan, eco-Tour Flavor of Honey and Coconut is a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of tradition and nature. And for those who have never consumed Yucatecan honey, we can tell you that it is delicious and world-famous – for its exquisite flavor and a great variety of nutritional properties.

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