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Rutopía editorial team
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Chiapas jungle, better known as the Lacandon jungle, is located in Chiapas, Mexico. Also, this magical place is one of the last Planet’s Green Lungs. It has a territory of approximately 1.8 million hectares. 

Likewise, the Lacandon jungle has a great megadiversity of  625 species of butterflies, 114 mammals, 345 birds, 84 reptiles, and 3,400 species of plants. Undoubtedly a paradise on earth!

Mayan Culture in the Chiapas Jungle

During the conquest, the Spaniards called the rebel groups (indigenous groups from Yucatan, Chiapas, and Guatemala) ‘lacandones’, hence ‘Lacandon jungle’. Due to this war, the Mayan ethnic groups began to flee and move through the jungle. 

As they moved, the Maya began to discover sacred places that they began to revere, such as the temples of Yaxchilan, Bonampak, and Palenque. 

Nowadays, rituals are still performed in the Chiapas jungle, such as the Lacandon Mayan ritual, a ceremony to one of the most ancient Lacandons. In addition, the ritual worship of the god Hachák yüm, the god of the Lacandones, is also carried out.

Flora and Fauna

Likewise, the Lacandon Maya has been in charge of protecting the jungle to conserve its biodiversity. They have constant care and conservation of natural resources.

Among the most abundant species in the jungle are: the jaguar, the macaw, spider monkey, and reptiles. On the other hand, its flora is based on large trees such as mahogany, baril, chicle, ceiba, etc. 

The Climate in Chiapas Jungle

On the other hand, the jungle has a warm-humid climate, with temperatures above 22°C (72°F). This climate favors the processes of soil mineral alteration and also the degradation of accumulated organic matter. 

Without a doubt, visiting Chiapas’ jungle is something magical and unforgettable. In addition to this place, you will be able to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself and nature. 



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