Pros of longer vacations: a well-deserved break


Without a doubt, we all enjoy the feeling of longer days, temperature rising, and vacations coming closer, which is a great reason to plan vacations that last longer than a week.  At Rutopía, we are compromised with planning and organizing all our trips so that travelers can live extraordinary and unforgettable experiences in magical destinations surrounded […]

Ventajas de vacacionar por más de una semana


El aumento de las horas de luz, de las temperaturas y la proximidad de las vacaciones hacen que nos sintamos más felices. Una buena razón para empezar a planificar unas vacaciones de más de una semana. En Rutopía nos comprometemos en la organización y planificación de cada uno de nuestros viajes, para que se vivan experiencias […]

Why does community-based ecotourism contribute more to travel?


An exciting tide of change is sweeping the world of travel. Community-based ecotourism offers reconnecting, adventurous, educational, and more authentic experiences than resorts. Community-based ecotourism is a different kind of tourism, emphasizing leaving an impact and directly benefiting the communities. One thing that the pandemic brought to light is the long way to go in […]

Aprendamos palabras en lengua maya en un viaje por México

La cultura Maya es reconocida, entre otras cosas, por el manejo sostenible de sus recursos naturales. La cosmovisión de los Mayas refleja una dimensión natural tal y como se muestra en su lengua. Aprender el significado de las palabras Mayas, permite construir un puente para el intercambio de saberes entre Mayas y no Mayas. Algo […]

Five towns to visit and get to know the essence of Mexico

Rutopia Chiapas Tziscao Lugar Lagos de Montebello GAL05132 scaled

Mexico is a large country, full of exotic climates and places. From deserts in the north to humid jungles in the south. Likewise, the different environments and terrains allowed different peoples to settle in a region and develop a particular and unique culture. For that reason, in Mexico are many towns to visit and get to know the […]

Safe trip with Rutopia

A safe trip begins long before packing or boarding a plane; it usually takes days or even months to plan every detail. Then, unconsciously, we make a list of steps to follow to ensure comfort and safety during our stay. In fact, by organizing a trip, one can enjoy the journey by avoiding uncomfortable and dangerous […]

Do you need a visa to visit Mexico?

map of mexico

Do you want to travel to México and have one of the best experiences of your life? But you want to know if you need a visa to visit Mexico? Take pencil and paper, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about official documents, COVID-19 regulations, and recommendations that will make your stay more […]

Complete guide to visit Chiapas


Visit Chiapas is an opportunity to try new experiences. It is the Mexican state with the most impressive natural landscapes, with lakes, waterfalls and canyons, “pueblos mágicos” (typical villages) and archaeological sites. Its charm also lies in the fact that it is still a hidden jewel. Discovering Chiapas is understanding the essence of Mexico but […]