The luxury of a tailor-made trip


We came from a pandemic that paralyzed the world in 2019 and left most people indoors. During that period thousands of trips were cancelled, events were suspended and people had to postpone their outdoor adventures. It was a hard blow for a modern person of the 21st century. Suddenly changed customs, thoughts and ideas, however […]

El lujo de realizar un viaje a la medida


Venimos de una pandemia que paralizó el mundo en 2019 y dejó a la mayoría de las personas dentro de casa.  Durante ese periodo se cancelaron miles de viajes, se suspendieron eventos y las personas tuvieron que posponer sus aventuras al aire libre.  Fue un duro golpe para una persona moderna del siglo XXI, de pronto cambiaron […]

Chiflón, Mexico’s singing waterfalls

CHIS Chiflon ELM

Waterfalls are generated thanks to the unevenness of rivers and soils. The different heights cause the water to fall and become one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. Although we have many waterfalls in Mexico, Chiapas has some of the most beautiful in the whole country. An example of this is El Chiflón, a chain of […]

Weaving dreams in San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan houses of indigenous textiles


What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Chiapas? Gastronomy, nature, tradition, history, and of course handicrafts. Those pieces of art made with different materials and with different inspirations that reflect the cultural diversity of the indigenous peoples and allow us to take home a bit of all the colors, […]